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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
I bought a thermometer last thursday and have been taking my temp from friday and it has been Friday 36.5 Saturday 36.8 Sunday 36.4 Monday 37.1 Tuesday 36.9 Today 36.7 I had my last period on November 26th and as it was my first period from coming off the pill am not really sure of cycle yet - I went with the theory of a 28-30 day cycle and figured i should have had my period by christmas - i did a test on friday before christmas as had my chrimbo party and had full weekend of things planned and just wanted to know if i needed to take it easy. The test was a BFN but I have still not had my AF and have had a few cramps but nothing has happened - also have had a weird sensation in my boobs - would not call it painful - more of a tingling so am wondering should i test again - what do you think?
glade Posts: 278
The first cyle could go into weeks- so you really cannot calculate the standard 30 day cycle. I would say your best bet is to do a test today and if BFN, then just keep recording your cycles until they start getting regular looking. I record mine on fertilityfriend.com best of luck!!