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boobie Posts: 16
Hi, Anyone got a tens machine? I'm interested in getting one to help with the early stages of labour. I've looked online and there are so many different types etc. I rang Mothercare and they have them on sale of 59.99. Anyone got one of these ones? Are they any good? I've looked into hiring one and it's more or less the same price - so I would be grateful if anyone has any opinions?
poppy1deux Posts: 228
if you do a search here you will see plenty of threads also try the mums and kids section.
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi - this is the one the Coombe recommended to me because it is definitely for labour and has a proper booster button, etc. I ordered it online and have it ready and waiting - now if my little one would just come out and let me have a reason to use it!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 ... hines.html
mayday08 Posts: 704
I just hired mine in Boots a god send during labour. Got me from 3cm to 7cm.
roxylady Posts: 69
Excuse my ignorance now girls Do you use the Tens machine if you intend not to get an epidural or is it just for use before you get epidural? :-8
WW1979 Posts: 181
[quote="roxylady":1kopeue5]Excuse my ignorance now girls Do you use the Tens machine if you intend not to get an epidural or is it just for use before you get epidural? :-8[/quote:1kopeue5] You can use it for either, some people just use it for the early part of labour, my sister had two babies just using the TEN's alone. I hired mine from, it cost 67 including delivery. It's a pulsar one, it's the one HS recommend, my sister got that one the first time she used one and thought it was great, she got the one from boots the second time and didn't find it as good. They need to be reset each time you use them so if you buy one you'd have to replace the pads and have that done, not sure how much that'd cost. Any reviews I've read on the pulsar one have been good. Due today so hopefully will get to try it out soon :)
jess08 Posts: 481
not a silly question roxy lady! Some women use the tens to allow them to cope with the first part of labour at home (especially if its your first time and it might take a while to get to established labour), others use it all the way through. For my last labour i went in with the plan that i would take every form of pain relief going and just really wanted the tens to get me to 3cms so i could get the epi!!!! i used the tens machine for a while then added the gas and air and by the time i felt things were getting a bit harder and i asked for the epi i was already ready to push!!! This time im hoping to do the same again, but it will just depend on how i find it. I think the main thing with the tens is to start it early, as soon as you feel the contractions starting, and not to wait untill you feel you need help with the pain. hth
jess08 Posts: 481
Oh WW1979 now you have me thinking!!! i used the pulsar one last time but for handiness sake (and the extra money) i was planning on getting the boots one this time. Now im wondering if i should just go and get the one i know works!!!! Hmmmmmmmm!! Due in a week so really should have had all this sorted out ages ago, will have to get my ass in gear!!
roxylady Posts: 69
Jess08 & WW1979 Thank you both for your insight and advice. I will have a look into this and will def go for one now. 25 Weeks gone, and still learning about all this new stuff! Thank god for this forum and for people like you guys!
WW1979 Posts: 181
Haha, I ordered mine about three weeks ago and thought I was leaving it late :o0 I think they do next day delivery so as long as the stork's not planning on giving you a next day delivery ye could have it by tomorrow if ye like :)