TENS machine?

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augustmom Posts: 16
A friend of mine has suggested using a TENS machine for pain relief during labour? anybody used one b4 or have any thoughts.? All pain relief suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hi augustmom, don't know anyone who has used tens but i've heard some good reports about hypobirthing: [url:svb9j83i]http://www.hypnobirthireland.com/[/url:svb9j83i] interesting reading anyway!
sinead06 Posts: 26
Hi augustmom I used one with my last pregnancy for the early stages and i have to say - what a load of crap! It works like the toning belts for your tummy - it sends little shocks to the muscles in the back that in some way is supposed to easy the pain of contractions. Just found it annoying and who needs a pain in the back as well as the front! My advice would be get to 3 cms and get the epidural - absolute heaven. I read a magazine until it was time to push! Why be a martar to the pain when you don't have to suffer through it. Everyone has different opinions on pain relief for childbirth but i can guarantee no one cares how you did it once its done - they only want to see the baby. The only thing i will say is don't make any definite decisions about pain relief until you are in the hospital giving birth. I had all these glorious notions about doing it naturally and that wasn't long changing when the real labour pains kicked in. You can try the tens machine, gas and air and pethadine and still get the epidural if in pain. Plus the epidural does not cross the blood stream like pethadine and make the baby sleepy. Anyway i would not personally think much of the tens machine but im sure there are loads of girls that found it great. Best of luck with the pregnancy
MrsP2B Posts: 180
hey TENs machines can be very effective for some I used one to treat lower back pain after an injury in work and intend to use it again when I go into labour. The electrical stimulus works by obstructing pain messages sent down the spinal cord there are lots available on the market so if you do decide to have one make sure its a maternity one. At the end of the day its worth a try I am anti epidural for my labour won't have one unless I absolutely need one but everyone is different. Speak with your midwife she should be able to help you.
Gerbera Posts: 539
I had a horrendous experience with an epidural during my last labour so this time I'm looking into alternatives. One of those options is to rent a tens machine, which I've been told are most effective for people who end up having most of their labour around the back. It's similar to the sensation from a slendertone and works to block the pain messages in the spinal area. Other than that I'm also looking into pregnancy yoga, as my own yoga experience helped me relax during the last labour and perhaps gas and air. Everyone's experience is so different and you won't know what decision to make until you're in the situation but what I would say it to explore all the options so that you're well informed before you get there!
2006wedding Posts: 965
Have 2 friends who both used TENS and it brought them great relief especially during the earlier stages of labour