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Miki Posts: 309
Hi Girls, Just a quick question. Over the past two weeks i've been getting very pain period like pains, due the baby in less than two weeks and someone suggested renting a tens machine for the pain (its quite bad and getting worse). I'ver heard of using them at the start of labour but never for this pain, do you think it would be okay
fire fly Posts: 1241
I used one and they work! Great for light pain but when the cobtactions get badI was bring on the gas!!!!!!!!!!!! I used it for the month before by baby was born as I had bad back pain. Make sure its a bby tens you use, they hire them out in boots.
sally Posts: 1140
ftbride..... do you know how much it is to hire them. Do all boots stores have them. Am thinking of getting one near when im due
fire fly Posts: 1241
Hi Sally! I think they are 50euro. My midwife gave me one a few months before the birth cause it was my third child and I was doing the domino scheme which was amazing. The tens are fantastic you can really control the pain, well until the end where noting really helps!
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Can you buy them rather than hire them? Or would this be very expensive. Its just that I suffer from back ache constantly, and I'd use it after the birth if I thought it would help!
fire fly Posts: 1241
Yep, ypu can buy them in most chemists or online at www.babycaretens.com They are great, you have control over your pain control and the delivery. It makes such a difference.
Miki Posts: 309
Hi Girls, i went to boots in Liffey Valley today and got one, its 72 euro to hire for 4 weeks. On return you get back 32, i think its great value. especially if it works! Not all the boots hire them, I rang Nutgrove first and they dont.
cyberspi Posts: 103
can anyone recommend a good brand?
fire fly Posts: 1241
I used the femme tens, I found it really good
Miki Posts: 309
the one i got was the boots own brand maternity tens, i hooked it up last night. i have to say i got great relief from it. i sat through a whole movie without moaning.