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livl01 Posts: 255
Hi girls, i'm looking into buying a tens machine. I figure i might get use out of it if i have another baby after this one. Which one did you buy? Where did you buy it? and how did you find it? Thanks O-O
wishingwell Posts: 253
hi, i bought the mothercare tens and used it wit my last preg, i found it good, i rem saying 2 my husband this thing isnt working but then one of the pads fell off during a contraction and i knew then it was working, il b using it tis time around aswel. i tink i paid around 70/80 euro 4 it, i know u cn rent them aswel 4 around 50euro, hth :)
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
I'm thinking of renting one from Medicare which I think is about 42 quid for a month - in case you go under or over! We were advised at ante natal class to be wary of buying tens on eBay etc as you need to ensure its a labour/obstetrics tens! Would imagine a mothercare one is also - and also need to ensure it has a boost button! Maybe I'm just a martyr to marketing but would have more faith in what they recommended at class which is the pulser one!
pag Posts: 633
I bought my tens machine on amazon for about €50. It is a Mamatens - for labour and obstetric care. Has a boost and did the job the last time. I've replaced the pads and electrodes so all ready to go again now. This is the one I have:
Babydoll2012 Posts: 69
Hi I bought mine on inhealth.ie its called OBI tens. It has the boost and everything on it and for use in pregnancy. I haven't used mine yet. Hopefukly will in 7 weeks :o)ll
StellaBella Posts: 432
I bought the OBI tens from inhealth.ie.. it is only 50 euro.. and I found it great.. i was induced and used it for a good few hours along with the gas, until i had an epidural (had planned on having an epidural when i knew i was being induced).. my friend got a loan of my one when she had her baby a few months later and swore by it.. she replaced the electrode pads when she returned it to me. So i will be holding onto it in case i go again in a few years!!
HappyMe Posts: 727
Got the obi tens one in mothercare last time - think It was 70e. Found it great. Was induced in end as labour progressed too slowly - used it for first few hours on drip as well as the 12 hours before being induced (v long labour!!) but had to abandon and go to epidural in end. Found it great and will be using again this time. Three friends have used it on meantime and found it great too. Once it's an obstetric tens and has a boost I think they are all very similar.
Tassie Posts: 34
I bought the babycare tens of amazon for £50 best move I made. I was in labour 3 days and used this alone up until 7cms. I actually got better relief from it than the gas and air. My reasoning to buy it was its not that much more expensive than renting one and like you said I'll use it again on the next one just need to get replacement pads which aren't that expensive.