terrible interview.. feeling down...

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traccy Posts: 124
Just come back from a 2nd interview for a new job and I think i've blown it. Cant moan to Hubby as he is busy in work so thought I'd get it all out here! I am trying to move away from food (worked in this sector for 10 years) and get into retail as I love the buzz but everyone who looks at my CV says (oh, you only have food experience.) Well I have years of other great transferrable skills but they don't really see that. I understand in this economy that companies must look for the best qualified and if they have similar experience. this is a huge advantage.. Anyway, at this interview, every time I answered a question, he would talk over me - [b:3pf03yh9]every time[/b:3pf03yh9], so I thought I was talking too much and so next answers were direct and to the point. Then he just sat staring at me when I finished talking. I didn't know what to do... As I walked out the door, he looked at me and said bye and ran back into the shop... I have 3 rejections for 3 different retail positions yesterday...(as I don't have the experience in their industry) I am usually very confident in my abilities but feel like crap now... :o( Thanks for letting me wallow in self pity for a bit....
trance Posts: 3129
Hey Traccy, been there know how you feel, but don't despair he may just have been testing you out see how you reacted under pressure or whatever. Why don't you review your CV and highlight the stuff you think would be relevant to the new role you're seeking and really emphasise it in interviews as well, maybe just look at it from a different angle, make sure your enthusiasm to learn new skills/industry, willingness to learn etc comes across. Good luck and fingers crossed!!
traccy Posts: 124
Thanks honeybun22, I am usually a very upbeat person but it's a bad month for me with my dad's anniversary coming up and job rejections coming together! I haven't been working since August so I suppose I am bored and restless and really want to get back to work... But I know it will all come good in the end and I will get something that is exactly right for me! I might even get this job :o0 Thanks for the reply :lvs