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millar Posts: 25
still need to move my halifax credit card... just wondering if anyone has a tesco credit card. Really need to set up a new card asap. Dont have an out standing balance at the moment just use the card for booking things online and in case of an emergency.. thanks :thnk
Synergy Posts: 2768
Hi Millar, I heard alright that Tescos credit card has the best interest rate at the moment, haven't got one but was thinking of transferring my balance over to get 0% balance transfers. Welcome to wol btw :wv
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I'm in same boat - need to move my Halifax card. Wouldn't have much of an outstanding balance - nothing that I can't clear before transfer so I guess I'm more interested in having a long term low interest rate on purchases rather than 0% interest on balance transfer. I was going to maybe go with Bank of Ireland but I'll check out Tesco now. I think you can see your Tesco statement on line as well which I'd like to have this time. It was the only thing I would find fault with Halifax. Otherwise I thought they were great to deal with, good rates etc and I'll miss my lovely pink card! :-8
tworascals Posts: 84
You also get tesco points when you use to buy anything not just in tescos which is good.. I have one. I transfer my balance every time my 0% runs out. Have never actually used it to buy anything but no problems in getting it.
Synergy Posts: 2768
How long would it take to come through if I applied today, do ye reckon? My interest with BOI one is 100 euro a month so would be good to get rid of that. I like the sound of clubcard points too, esp as we shop in tescos, would be really handy.
trance Posts: 3129
I had a Tesco cred card last year and was watching some money programme that said there was a website where you could compare all the interest rates of all the credit cards, can't remember what the website was now sorry, but I checked it and the Tesco card had the highest interest rate at 18.4% or something like that, the lowest was AIB Click which was 8%, big difference, so I switched immediately, so do check out all the rates before you switch. Wish I could remember the name of the website!!
MamaFratelli Posts: 157
tworascals Posts: 84
or if your looking to pay your credit card balance then its a good idea to move around when the introductory 0% tranfer balance runs out so you are never paying any interest on your balance. thats what i do (have a big balance to clear) i have never been refused a card from any of the companies but definately shop around if you are not clearing your balance in full every month. There is a big difference in interest rates.
Doll Posts: 525
Hi guys, I have a halifax credit card as well and am looking around at the mo to get a new one. Just to warn you though it seems to be very difficult to get one at the mo. I've been refused with bank of ireland for their clear card i think its 9.5% apr. They did not even contact me to tell me I had to ring to find out. I asked for a reason and they said they were not given one. They never looked for any additional info or asked what kind of a limit I'm looking for. I have no balance to transfer. I am only working 3 days a week but I'm only looking for a small limit maybe 500 euro my current cc is 1000. On the other hand my hubby is an accountant and is working full time. He applied for a cc with AIB and they contacted him lookinf for 12 months bank statements and pay slips to be dropped into a branch. He got a letter a week later saying he was declined. I have since applied for the tesco one so fingers crossed. Just a word of warning really you may assume you will get a cc easily but it does not seem the case at the mo.