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aerf Posts: 42
Hi all, was in tesco today and say that their nappies for newborn babies are a lot cheaper than pampers or huggies. I was wondering is the quality of these nappies in the same league as the name brand? Would love to know if anybody has used them etc. O-O
Salander Posts: 1639
i am going to use tesco nappies on baby no 2. I used pampers and huggies on dd and they both leaked and didn't keep poo in. when dd was about 6 months old i tried tescos and couldn't believe the difference - they had much better soakage and the pampers used to leave the crystals on her bum. yuck! if i had known i would have changed earlier - i would get a carry pack of the tescos and see if you like them. they have a more cotton wool padding then the crystal gel in the pampers.
aerf Posts: 42
Thanks Salender, Will give them a go. O-O
rop Posts: 1453
I used Pampers from the start but picked up a pack of Tesco nappies as i saw they were far cheaper, used them for one day and DD ended up with the most ferocious rash! the poor pet. The tesco nappies seem to have a plastic coating on top and it caused serious rash! but every baby is different. I have tried Boots nappies - also way cheaper and they were fine. its all just trial and error. No harm in starting with the tesco ones and see how you get on!
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
We've used Tesco on our boy pretty much from day 1, no problems at all. What I did was pick up a packet of Pampers, Huggies and Tesco and tried them all. Tesco are half the price of Pampers and we've found them great. All babies are different though!
candypants Posts: 8575
Are ye talking about the purple tesco nappies???
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I'm talking about the yellow packet and green packet CP.
candypants Posts: 8575
hmmm im not sure which ones they are as i shop in dunnes, but i did use the purple ones on DD which was 4 years ago, and they were brill, much prefered them to the pampers. And huggies dont even get a look in, there a nightmare altogether.
mommanancy Posts: 325
When my dd was new born I tried huggies which i didnt like at all thought the texture was very rough. Then i used pampers but they changed the active fit and they gave her a rash so I tried the tesco ones and I find them really good. I use the pampers pull ups at night as they have better absorb but tesco are great for day time. Im going to use tesco on my next baby and see how we go with them, they are so much cheaper than leading brands
MeSB Posts: 3785