Test says I'm Pregnant!

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MrsSan Posts: 475
Girls, have to be anon for this, sorry. Really need your advice... I am 2 weeks late and have been feeling v. strange lately, sore and bigger breasts, funny pains in my tummy, knackered all the time and had a horrible taste in my mouth for one or two days last week.. so I did a clearblue test on Saturday morning and sure enough the result is exactly what I had thought .... Positive! This is a complete surprise to myself and DH, only thing is I still find it hard to believe. Is it possible that the test can be wrong ? if not, what do I do next ? I'm soooooo completely clueness its actually embarrassing. DH is thrilled as he had wanted kids straight away. Only thing is I have recently started doing Pilates - can I continue this ? sorry about all the questions but at the moment I can't talk to anybody until I'm 100% certain that I am pg. Thanks girls.
bridette Posts: 362
congratulations! :D The tests are extremely accurate and its highly unlikely that it is wrong.... Don't worry about feeling all over the place, once you get used to the idea you will be grand! I'm sure that is totally natural. Not sure about pilates, but somebody else probably will know...or check out the pregnancy forums www.rollercoaster.ie is one. Best of luck with it all :)
Astra Posts: 1409
Hi there, It sounds to me like you definately are pregnant. As far as I know most pregnancy tests are 98/99% effective so I'd say the chances of it being wrong are slim. I think you need to get to your GP or Family Planning clinic asap and they'll confirm it for you. As for the pilates it really wouldn't be right for me to advise you on this as I don't have a clue. Say it to the doctor and let them guide you.
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Make the doc appt straight away anon.They will guide you through the process.I would also do a second test just to be sure pre doc appt. Re Pilates, I would go to a yoga teacher experienced in pregnancy yoga, not sure about Pilates if it is safe Congratulations by the way, mind yourself
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Congratulations Mrs Mysterious!! :D The reason a pregnancy test says its 99% accurate is because it can say that your not pregnant when you actually are but it wont give you a false positive. The test detects the pregnancy hormone which is only present in your urine if you actually are pregnant so like I said, congratulations! Now make a doctors appointment. He/She will check you over, do a test to confirm for themselves, weigh you etc. and advise you on booking your hospital appointment. you will also be told your due date calculated from the first day of your last period so try to figure this out before you go. I dont know what Pilates consists of but the instructor will be able to tell you if its safe when your pregnant. Gentle excercise is very beneficial in many ways when your pregnant so I would advise you to join a yoga class especially for pregnant women. You cant do excercises on your back eg. sit ups. Take it easy and just go with how your body feels. I hope you dont get hit too bad with morning sickness. Take care of yourself and I hope you and hubby are very happy
snozberry Posts: 1212
Congrats!!! its very exciting isnt it? if not a bit overwhelming - so dont panic!! :D Ring your GP and make an appointment... either bring a sample with you or you will have to do one at the doctors (believe me, your aim gets quite good as you do this a gazillion times throughout your pregnancy!! :lol: ) From there you will be advised to book an appointment at your chosen hospital.... it seems weird but your appointment will be for weeks away!! again - dont panic!! I could go on and on.... if you want to pm me, feel free (I am at week 21!!) HUGE congratulations to you both, hubby must be delighted! Again check with your dr regarding pilates.... if you are a very fit person, you can keep up with a lot of the exercising you have been doing but if (like me) you struggle doc will probably recommend lighter exercise. let us know how you get on!
? Posts: 610
Congrats mummy-to-be :D Its true about them not giving false positives. Wow, big news to keep to your self! Wish you both every happiness :xox
clio99 Posts: 712
:P :P WEY HEY, SOUNDS LIKE A BIG FAT POSITIVE :P :P Another pregnancy on WOL, wow jeez we will be pregnant in no time. Go to your Doc this evening and bring your sample with you and he will be able to confirm, magimum is a good site, or eumom for a week by week description of whats going on in the tum. congratulations to u and your hubbie, cant wait for tmrw mysterious girl :lol:
Fleur Posts: 569
Hi I know you you are and just wanted to say I'm so absolutely thrilled for you. I really really am... I'm not able to give you advice on what to do next but I just wanted to say that you deserve this big bundle of happiness and hope it brings lots of light into your family. Take care Fleur
AGuest Posts: 1262
oooh very exciting! I'm so curious but I guess I'll just have to wait a few months to find out who you are! Just on the pilates thing - I'm not sure, but I know with yoga you shouldn't practice for the first 16 weeks so I'd say it's similar with pilates (and then you should do special classes for pregnant women!). Congrats BTW - v. exciting :D