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Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Is it possible to test positive at home and then be negative with doctors test ??
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
I'm not sure ChrimboBride - is the honest answer. I would have imagined that if you test positive at home than that detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone in your system and that any subsequent tests would show positive aswell (regardless of whether it's you testing or your gp). I haven't heard of this before anyway. Why do you ask?
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Happened to one of my friends this week...
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I have heard of this happening once or twice, but I've also heard that one of these girls later had a positive test with the doc, so it's possible that the docs test isn't as sensitive as you would think it would be :?
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Interesting ! The doc did say to her to test again next week,...
Septbride Posts: 380
when i was ordering some tests from internet i read that the likes of clearblue etc are more sensitive than docs test!! A couple of years back my friend done a couple of preg tests at home and they were posit. Anyway she went to doc - she wasn't sure if you could go to the loo when she got there so he told her to bring a sample which she did!! And low and behold the test was negative to make a long story short she had washed out the sample bottle with something that had weakened urine on way to docs but they didn't work this out for a few days!! She was devasted then but looking back it was so funny!! She now has a healthy 5 year old!!
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
Nuts nuts nuts just spoke ot her and it was clear blue ! Will keep ye updated !
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
If she got a positive with clearblue ChrimboBride, it's pretty certain she's pregnant. You can't get a false positive but depending on the type of test and how accurate it is at detecting the hormone, you can get a false negative.
tasket Posts: 306
Was it a wee or a blood test at the dr's? If it was wee than it may well be less sensitive than a home test, but the blood ones are pretty much 100%. The only other thing I can think of is that sometimes if you look at a home test (not digital, the kind with lines) after the allotted amount of time, you can see an evaporation line from the wee evaporating and it can look like a pos line. Best of luck to your friend!