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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Hi girls I was looking at travel systems on Sat and the girl in the shop said her personal favourites were the buggaboo camelot or the teutonia fun. I didnt really like the buggaboo plus it so expensive i cannot justify spending so much extra when i cant see the extra benefits if that makes sense. Anyway i saw on another post that [b:yqfzpbi1]Jejum[/b:yqfzpbi1] has already got the Teutonia and im just wondering how you are finding it and if you would recommend it and also where you bought it and if you dont mind how much you paid for it? [b:yqfzpbi1]Baby Babs [/b:yqfzpbi1] because its german and you are based in Germany im just wondering if you know much about it and if its popular in Germany etc? The girl in the shop told me they make them to order so i need to place my order in the next 2 weeks if i choose to go for it to ensure its in on time for Jan and taking xmas and all into consideration. The price i was quoted for the full Teutonia Fun system with the whole lot pram top, Front and rear facing seat for when the baby gets bigger etc plus the maxi cosi car seat is €799.
cavanmum Posts: 211
Hi May 08 Wife. I bought the Teutonia Fun system as well. I find it brilliant very light and easy to push. My Ds loves the pram part and we use it for naps when visiting:-) I had a c section nearly four weeks ago and we live at the top of a very steep hill. I have managed to walk the hill with Ds as the pram is so light. It is very manoverable. We went for the Tario car seat it is suitable for longer than the maxi cosy. We bought it in Kiddies Corner in Omagh. They were lovely so helpful. We paid £625 for the system. I know the sterling prices have gone up since then. Two girls I work with have Teutonia systems and love them as well. This is why I picked it. Also I love the colour so bright and cheery. I hope this helps. :wv
Baby Babs Posts: 2596
I'll look into it as I'll need it for my own purchase research and I'll get back to you. because it wasn't in my mind so far. My search has been rather narrow up to now and you have also given me some ideas to consider as alternative to bugaboo But your post has been helpful, and your review on jan babies. Now that I looked up the model I do see them on the street. I was shocked to hear that you may need up to 12 weeks for some models to be delivered. I'm running out of time. Must go shopping tomorrow.