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mol36 Posts: 140
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has the above buggy, it's been recomended to me but i haven't had a change to go look at it yet. Does anyone have any good/bad comments on it?? I've been told it's gone very popular and is reliable. Thanks.
brunette Posts: 234
Hi mol36, We have ordered the teutonia fun ststem. Hadnt heard alot about it either but I researched a bit and decided it was for us. And my dh picked it out straight away in a shop which I took as a sign. It comes with 3 year warranty and will suit from birth onwards. We are getting the carrycot too though as we got a good deal. It looks great and very solid, a german brand so should be good. Cant wait until it comes.
Salander Posts: 1639
I am going with the Teutonia Mistral as we live in the country and need it for the rugged terrain. I found in the shop they were so easy to wheel around and so sturdy. can't wait to get mine.
mol36 Posts: 140
Thanks girls, I'm was looking at the maxi cosi mura 4 but have read that it's just too bulky to be carry around. God it's worse than buying a car isn't it - so much to know. Every shop assistant has a different opinion..
Salander Posts: 1639
i dragged dh along and he was great - he was concentrating on stuff like the suspension and sturdiness and easy to manouever. We totally went off the three wheelers when hubby tried to put it back up on the display (small step up) and it nearly overbalanced. Id be terrifed i'd let it fall over. I really liked the look of the silver cross pram but found it really hard to wheel. i found going in and trying them was best - that and some of the assistants were having real difficulty changing the bits and slotting them on to some of the systems and I was thinking if they can't manage how the heck will i with a wee baby too!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Ladies, just to say that we have the Teutonia Mistral S, bought in 2007 on Baby Nr 1 and can highly recommend Teutonia. Am living in Germany so have the benefit of plenty of shops stocking them and the accessories. Also found that they are so easy to push and having a 3 year guarantee is great. At the beginning of the year brought it back to the shop where I bought it as felt the swivel wheels weren't swiveling enough and lo and behold afterwards they had done a full overhaul on the pram, the teutonia sticker was replaced, the brake was broken (MIL out for walk with brake on all the time O:| ) and since it was our fault i hadn't said anything and it came back in perfect working order. Just yesterday I received the pick up kiddy board ( a buggy board) as nR 2 now has pram and nr 1 has to walk or stand on his kiddy board..he loved it today so hope the enthusiasm holds up., also mayn products available online at reduced prices. Good Luck, F :wv
bride0807 Posts: 203
Hi Ferdi we bought the teutonia fun system and i have to say i think its great now i havent had the chance to use it yet so i cant comment too much on it but its very easy to change from carrycot to carseat and the wheels are very easy to fold down and they are not as heavy as some of the other systems. we ordered it from a uk website for about €750
andmybaby Posts: 648
Oooh me & Dh called into Murphys in Rathcoole for a look & this was the one we both loved too! Really stylish as well as sturdy! Nice that there's not millions of them around too. Loved the navy & kaki green colours! Glad to hear some good opinions about them.
Salander Posts: 1639
Hi Tello Just to let you know - Murphys have a sale on in June and they usually give you a free maxi cosi car seat if you buy a travel system! roll on June woohoo!
andmybaby Posts: 648
oooh! Brill!! Thanks! I'll keep an eye out!