Teutonia Lambda - any feedback

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Dubai07 Posts: 24
Hi there Does anyone have the Teutonia Lamdba 3 in 1 system - am seriously thinking about it for our January baby. The system looks very sturdy and very trendy, comes in nice colours too. I plan on using it alot for country walks and just been out and about. All feedback would be great.
leanbh1 Posts: 473
I'm sorry I have no feedback,but I would be interested to hear on this too.We looked at one in Murphy's but dont know what model.It looked FAB.As my dh says,the Germans think of everything,and the little extras are great. Hope someone replies!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Ladies, just checked the Teutonia Lambda on the German website and it looks great. We have the Teutonia Mistral (previous model) and am glad to see that this model is lighter. It also appears that the baby is higher (maybe the pics are deceptive) and much neater. Can't recommend this model but am very happy with my teutonia. Happy shopping, F :wv