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Mrs. Allie Posts: 275
[color=blue:10iz6fg1]Wooohooooo It's FINALLY Friday! Yeeehaaaawww! What are the plans ladies? I'm off to Portovenere tonight with hubby and another 2 couples and we're spending the weekend on a sailboat sailing around the ligurian coastand dong loads of this O-O i can't wait! I've never gone sailing before and I'm sooooooo excited :o)ll Can you tell? :wink: what are you all up to? Ah, don't forget:[/color:10iz6fg1]
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
you can say that again, in fact i will... THANKS BE TO THE LORD GOD IT'S FRIDAY!! i thought this day would never come!! have no plans. a delicious weekend of no plans stretches before me. first weekend in about 4 months we've had no plans. god i can't wait to do nothing all day tomorrow :)
irelandbride Posts: 135
We are going to pick up our suits for the lads tomorrow and then wait for the arrivals of my family from the US on Sunday. Can't wait to see everyone. I think then it will finally feel real. It better feel real soon, there is less than a week to go! :D Have a blast Mrs Allie. Sounds like a lot of fun. TGIF!
Fleur Posts: 569
I couldn't have put it better myself Mrs.A! It was a long time coming this week! Using up a wedding gift of holiday home for weekend so off to the Beara Penninsula with friends... it will be walking/fishing eating and pints of the black stuff (or a bottle of Miller in my case)!!!! Now I wonder can I get some designer wellies some where :-)
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Don't laugh but my mom bought me a great pair of pastel striped wellies from Pinks a few years ago - I love them they are just so silly
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Mrs Allie, that sounds like great fun! Ive a boring weekend ahead, tonight, making steak baguettes for dinner and staying in with a dvd and a few drinks and tomorrow theres a suprise 60th for my boss so me and hubby have to show our faces there, Im sooooo excited i can hardly contain myself :wink:
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Hubbie has been working really late all week and although tonight I have to go to a 21st after that I intend to sleep for the weekend!
Fleur Posts: 569
I also have a pair of pastel colored stripey wellies but every time I wear them the farmer next door just laughs at me... I think I need to get a pair of green ones to be taken seriously in the countryside! I have to say that wellies are the most comfortable footwear ever... that's no joke. I hate taking mine off becuase my feet just love them and I look oh so so so attractive!
sparkles Posts: 293
Oh Girls, I would love a weekend af doing nothing but I have to go searching for 'the dress' this evening AGAIN and I am totally sick of it!! :hic But once that's over, the rest of the weekend isn't too bad. Tomorrow off to dublin to buy some nice things for our new house, then decorate the house with them on Saturday night Then we're having an All-Ireland family party on Sunday which is usually loads of crack. :lol: Sparkles
Mae Posts: 229
Doing nothing tonight, cooking enchiladas for hubby cos he loves them!!! Tomorrow i'm picking up the wedding album, getting my hair done then tomorrow night going for dinner with family cos my brother is going to oz monday week so i'm looking forward to a night out with the family! Doing nothing on Sunday as far as i know!