Thank You at end of mass booklet??

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oliviak83 Posts: 360
Hi Everyone, Are you putting a thank you at the end of your mass booklet? If you are who should you thank and what way would you word it??! :wv
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Just re-read your OP. I made personal thanks to my parents in my speech as did OH. The mass booklets are more a general thanks to everyone I think. This was ours anyway - Thank You Thank you for joining us today, To celebrate in a special way, To all who came from far and near, We're grateful for your presence here, And your kind wishes we will always treasure, Our thanks we give in greatest measure.
piptypibe Posts: 122
Hi, I think it's a very nice idea but I personally haven't quite decided what to do yet! Usually you see thanks to the couples parents for all they have done for them, (to get them this far in life!!). Friends and family that have accompanied them on the journey? Some then have a little poem or thought. Another friend thanked her musicians for adding to the ceremony in such a special way. I guess it's totally up to you! Enjoy the decision making!!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
We just have a short note thanking everyone for travelling to Italy to share our wedding day with us and how lucky we feel to have such good family and friends in our lives.
oliviak83 Posts: 360
Thanks girls!!