Thank You Cards - How soon to send after wedding?

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paperclips Posts: 3146
We got our Thank You cards today and I want to get them all written and sent out asap. We married just over 2 months and I think its time to send them out but DH is saying that we should wait a little longer as a few people have to said to him that they have cards for us. How soon did you wait before you sent our your Thank You Cards?
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Can you send your cards to the people you have received gifts from and if/when you get more gifts you can post their thank you cards then? Does that make sense? I'm hoping to get ours out within about 2 weeks of our wedding before we go away for three weeks, well that's the plan anyway!
mrsdg2010 Posts: 100
We started writing up ours about a month after wedding and posted them out at about 9/10weeks. Just wrote any additional cards when we got any other cards after that.... Didn't want to leave them too long.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
[b:4umrozc2]I[/b:4umrozc2] wrote and sent them, within a week of coming back from honeymoon - hubby said I was waaaaay too organised. I tried to get him to write the cards for his side, all I got was "but my writings cr*p, it's like a 2yr olds writing" - it is! But no way was I going to let him away with it 100%, I made him write the card to his parents and his brother! There aren't any "rules" as such, about a time limit for thank you cards.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
[quote="shumbles":115xe28f]Can you send your cards to the people you have received gifts from and if/when you get more gifts you can post their thank you cards then?[/quote:115xe28f] This is what we did - I sent ours the week we came back from honeymoon (so about a month after the wedding)..
paperclips Posts: 3146
Thanks Ladies, gonna get started tonight. Have just printed out lots of address labels for the envelopes so should be good to go within the next couple of days!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
We are only 2 weeks after our wedding and I'm waiting for a few pics from our photographer to personalise our cards and I'll start sending them asap. I think its nice to get an official thank you even though we thanked everyone a million times already!!! PS thanks for the top tip on the site!!! I can't wait to order!!!
LadyLucy Posts: 29
It's over 5 months since our wedding so we really need to get going! Where are you ordering yours from? And roughly how much are they, if you don't mind?
sshh Posts: 416
I think the sooner the better :) it is nice for guests to know that you received their gift :)
dion Posts: 986
Sent ours 3 weeks after wedding, i think anytime within 3 months is the time frame to send them.