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Flopsy Rabbit Posts: 54
We are hoping to use one of our wedding photos on our thank you cards. I think I will just get them all printed with a standard message on them i.e. "Thank you for sharing our special day with us" or something (obv slightly different for people who didnt attend wedding) but i like a personal touch & thought of putting personal, hand written notes on seperate paper in side each card. Does this sound ok? or would i just be better personally writing each card?
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Flopsy we got our invites from vistaprint. We uploaded a photo which was used as the front of the card, the message was something like 'thank you for sharing our special day' and then on the majority we hand wrote 'to x and y, from ciaraella and DH' We wrote more on the cards for close friends and family.
Flopsy Rabbit Posts: 54
thanks ciarella Was thinking of vistaprint too as we got evening invites from there & v happy with them. I just want to personally thank all the guests for their individual gifts.