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RachelSallie Posts: 1
[size=150:29qrrwb2]THE (4 HOUR) SUSPENSE IS FINALLY OVER!!!! [/size:29qrrwb2] And here's the news you've been waiting for: [size=200:29qrrwb2] is getting a huge (and glamorous) make-over![/size:29qrrwb2] [b:29qrrwb2]And we couldn’t be more excited. Think about all the things you know and love about WOL, multiply them by a million...and you will just scratch the surface of how cool the new site is going to be! [/b:29qrrwb2] [b:29qrrwb2]Here's what we have in store:[/b:29qrrwb2] [b:29qrrwb2]1. Your very own wedding hub:[/b:29qrrwb2] The first of its kind in Ireland and exclusive to WOL this section of the site will have a complete wedding to-do list, resource centre, newsfeed of all your posts, topics and relevant content, all in one place! [b:29qrrwb2]2. A personal wedding web site for EVERY Wollie:[/b:29qrrwb2] That’s right; you will have your own beautiful wedding web site where your guests can see all the deets of your wedding, they can even RSVP! [b:29qrrwb2]3. Wedding Inspiration galore![/b:29qrrwb2] The new WOL will be bursting at the seams with galleries! We got cakes, dresses, bouquets, centrepieces, hair styles and plenty more! We'll also have articles to guide you through every step of your wedding plans...and beyond :) [b:29qrrwb2]4. B Blogs: [/b:29qrrwb2]The girls of B Magazine will host 2 fabulous new blogs on the WOL site. One will feature daily wedding tips and inspiration, and the other will give you an insight into everything going on in the world of style and beauty. [b:29qrrwb2]5. Exclusive weddings:[/b:29qrrwb2] Get a behind the scenes look at TONS of beautiful Wollie weddings -from some of the best photogs in the business! [b:29qrrwb2]6. Special offers, special offers and more special offers![/b:29qrrwb2]In your wedding hub you will have a constant stream of discounts graciously provided by your favourite suppliers. [b:29qrrwb2] BUT DON'T FRET! You'll be happy to hear that we won't be doing any messing around with the forums for our big make over -sure why fix something that isn't broken eh...?![/b:29qrrwb2] Here are a couple sneak peak screen shots. The new home page! (isn’t she beautiful...) [attachment=5:29qrrwb2]Home Page.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [attachment=0:29qrrwb2]Hub.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [attachment=4:29qrrwb2]Personal Web Page.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [attachment=3:29qrrwb2]Planning Tips.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [attachment=2:29qrrwb2]Latest Content.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [attachment=1:29qrrwb2]Blogs.jpg[/attachment:29qrrwb2] [size=150:29qrrwb2]Coming soon to a near you![/size:29qrrwb2]
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
woohoo fancy-pants, loving it :o)ll
pricilla Posts: 1564
Wow. Looks good. I'm dissappointed it's not a competition though. :o0 Good luck with the new features, sounds great.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Looks good - would have loved some of those features earlier in our planning!!! Will you be introducing more status names - I'm so over being an addict!!!! :o0
Synergy Posts: 2768
Oh I love the idea of a wedding hub!
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
oh how exciting, our very own site, that will be brilliant. Can't wait until asll the new features have been added, loving the look in the sneak previews. :o)ll
dragonbride Posts: 447
Looks amazing, cannot wait!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Awe thats cool pity im 5.5 years married :o0 :o0 :o0
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[color=#400080:3siq9006]Aw!! That's so cool! I like the idea of the personalised website, especially if you've friends and family overseas, it makes it easy for them to see your big day :yelrotflmaosmilie: [/color:3siq9006]
abouttime Posts: 492
Looks Great! :hyper: