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lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Maternity benefit piece on the afternoon show now!
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Is it my imagination or are they making this more complicated than it needs to be???
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
well if sile seoige actually let the woman talk! she just kept bombarding her with random of the wall questions! >:o(
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
not pregnant but hoping to be and am gonna be made redundant shortly - didn't know you had to be in work 16 wks prior to due date, thought it just went by your PRSI contributions in the previous 2 years - very confused and concerned now
raglan Posts: 83
I know, its a right pain and so unfair. I've had no work since start of 2009, worked for 10 years before that. Due in July, but now looks like I won't be eligible unless I am working 16 wks before due date. I didn't see all of it, does it take into account part time work or a days work here or there? Or does it have to be work ongoing for a number of months. Very worried now, and think its unfair that even though I worked in the relevant tax year and won't be able to claim. Anyone in similar predicament or been through same?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I thought the woman would have some more to say. She wasn't very informative at all!!
Mammy101 Posts: 446
If you're unemployed, and not able to qualify for Maternity Benefit - you may qualify for another social welfare payment. See [url=]CITIZENS INFORMATION page here[/url:1m9uovha] :wv
Titch Posts: 261
Raglan I am in a similar situation I have been out of work since June 09 after being made redundant and had paid years of PRSI up to then. I contacted Citizens Advice and the maternity benefit section as I was really confused. I was under the impression that you had to work for a period of 16 weeks in duration before (from 24 weeks on) you give birth to be entiled to maternity benefit plus have 39 contributions from 2008. However citizens advice emailed to say "that In order to qualify for mat benefit you need to be in insurable employment that is covered by the Maternity protection Act immediately before the first day of Maternity leave. so if you find employment before then you will meet that requirement. so what you need to ensure is that you have insurable employment within the 16 weekes before you would be due to go on mat leave." Therefore the word "within" suggests that you do not have to be working for 16 weeks but rather you need to be working at some stage during the 16 weeks. I also received an email from the Maternity Benefit section of SW yesterday which said "If you get one weeks work between now and the birth you may qualify. you need to be working a least one week and pay an A class> PRSI stamp after the 24th week of your pregnancy to qualifyfor Maternity." I am now 27 weeks so I am frantically looking for any work. Although few people will employ me at this stage of pregnancy so I am looking to friends to see if they can take me on for a few weeks just so I can pay some PRSI! I hope this helps and that I am correct that you could still be entitled if you are in work for a week or so after 24 weeks.
raglan Posts: 83
Hi Titch, No you are absolutely correct that we need to work within 16 weeks of due date. However I was told on one phone call to maternity benefit dept that you needed one week but on another call just to verify another girl told me even just one day where you'd earn around €40 you would gain one class A PRSI stamp, parttime jobs qualify you for this as well. Have seen this one day talked about on other forums as well. Ideally to be fortunate to get one weeks work would be great but even to get one day to allow us to get this benefit would be magic. I too am looking all around for work, am 25 weeks gone.
Titch Posts: 261
Best of luck hope something comes your way too soon