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blushingbride09 Posts: 4
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else saw the new Aristocrats line up in the Grange Bar last weekend? I went along and as much as I’d like to say they’re nothing without Billy I have to admit Bernard-the new male singer is superb! I especially like the fact that he also plays an instrument, adding to the brass sound of the group and is not just standing around tapping a tambourine when the female singer is on. I was a bit hesitant after all the mix up of the last few weeks but have to say Occasions were right when they said the new singer would be of the same calibre to match the previous musicians. I’m still provisionally holding them ..... but I think The Aristocrats have me sold! Has anyone seen both bands-would love to hear what ye think!
smiles-alot Posts: 1
Hey there, Yes went to see them at the Grange bar... The band were good ..I've been on to Occasions .. That is NOT the band I booked ..very peeeved bride & groom
marthabands Posts: 5
Hey girls, Had the Aristocrats booked for some time, then heard all the rumours about band members leaving. Was initially really pissed off but happened to see them at my fiances staff night out last saturday. I thought they were great and initially didn't cop that there had been any change in line up!! We then got a letter from occasions explaining their side of things, and some incident of "gross misconduct". After seeing the band (by accident) I am happy that they are really every bit as good as I thought they were before. In fact the new lead singer to my ear, had a stronger voice than the last one. I'm also starting to take some of the posts on this forum with a grain of salt. I don't trust posts created by people who just joined that day, just to say one negative thing. My advice to anybody is to go see both bands and decide for yourself.
rhody Posts: 20
We have decided to go with The Marvels as they contain practically all of the original band we booked, we are very happy that they were available on our date and we have the bonus of them being over €1000 less than the quote Occasions gave us.
kennstephen Posts: 1
Does anyone have the contact details for The Marvels? Occasions does not have this band on their books.
gemmabride Posts: 4
We had the Aristocrats booked through Occasions and now we're getting The Marvels which is practically the same band for €1000 less because we went direct. I know which way I'd rather do it!! Happy Days. Gem.
blushingbride09 Posts: 4
I have booked The Aristocrats- they were just the style of band i was looking for. With regard to the price, The Aristrocrats are a 7piece band with a brass section, The Marvels are a 5 piece. The Aristocrats price through Occasions is €2500. Sounds like a no brainer to me.
gemmabride Posts: 4
Hi BlushingBride, Are you working for Occasions? How come the price of The Aristocrats has dropped €1000 since Billy Left to form the Marvels? You seem to have a lot of support for Occasions which is completely out of context with all the other forum posts on this subject, that have since mysteriously DISSAPPEARED??? Gemmabride
blushingbride09 Posts: 4
Hi Gemmabride, I'm just telling things from my side and my dealings with the company. I don't know anything about a higher fee but do know that i am delighted with my price. I'm happy with the band I've booked so that's another thing off the list! Speaking of lists does anyone know of a really good photographer that takes candid shots as i really hate the formal wedding album thing? BlushingBride09
MikeOrla Posts: 42
Not sure what the question about Aristocrats price dropping by 1000 when Billy left is about. We booked the Groove Orchestra (ie. Aristocrats) 1 year ago for 2,500 with Billy so price hasn't changed. Saw the Aristocrats in the Carlton at the weekend. They were fab. As good as ever. I really thought Billy would be a loss as he's a real entertainer, but the replacement was just as good, if not better as he plays the trumpet when the girl is singing, hence 7 instruments in the band. The other new band members just slot in. It really shows that they've been doing a lot of practicing. We are still going to go see the Marvels before we finalize anything, but I'd still be wary of a band that some member of was fired by Occasions for misconduct...