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Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
That thread made me laugh When we were giving out invites to neighbours,h2b was going in the back door of hses.I know they are friends/neighbours but I gave out and then he used the front door,also when I knocked on neighbours door.most said dont be knocking come in there is no way I would go in to anyones hs with out knock(except family)
trance Posts: 3129
Yeh, I'm a Londoner (well, not anymore I guess) and never even had a back door before!! But I'm not a fan of the back door entrance (that sounds a bit saucy), like another poster said, I have a lovely hall and stairs and the back door leads into the utility which is usually full of hubbys wellys and recycling bags. Plus I just like my privacy and don't like the in-laws just coming in cos hubby didn't lock the door!!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I wouldnt like people to be just walking in unanounced either Trance but as they live beside you they probably would feel silly ringing or texting! Great thing with us is that we are off the beaten track so everyone arranges to call to make sure we are home! Would you say it to them? To use the front door? Just say its not what you are used to etc!
trance Posts: 3129
[quote="DCee":3cjl9ioe]Would you say it to them? To use the front door? Just say its not what you are used to etc![/quote:3cjl9ioe] I don't think it's worth the hassle at the moment, you know it might create bad feeling and she's only done it once (so far) but I will say to hubby that the back door must be locked and tell him why, however if it became a habit I would definitely have words, I'm a really private person and I'm always wandering round the house in my undies or something or getting out of the shower, the downstairs shower is right next to the back door I could have been coming out of there cos my upstairs one isn't working yet :eek
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
This is very alien to me. I'm a Dub and I don't think I've ever gone in someon's back door in my life. Sure, it's at the back!? How do you get in there?! Am I the only one who grew up in a housing estate in terraced houses where, you know, people went in the front door?! Am I the only working class Wollie?!
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Our family home is a semi d so no one would attempt to use any other door. Although when we were coming home from school, my mam would leave the side gate open and we'd use the side entrance. My Dad's family are from down the country and I can remember going into aunts' and uncles' houses via the back entrance. My Mam's family are from Dublin and their houses were either terraced, semi d so always the front door there!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I cant say I mind people using our back door cos our entrance porch, entrance hall and sitting room off the entrance hall are not finished yet (not painted or floored) so there are bits of paint cans and everything lying around! At least when people come to our back door they are greeted by painted walls and a tiled floor!!! :o0 But I know what your saying, for a visitor I think its manners to come to the front. Most of the people that would visit our house regularly always use the back and I dont mind cos they are there so often they just walk in! An insurance broker was doing calls in our area last month and he came to the front door and knocked. Me, knowing who he was and what he was selling, didn't answer and he had the CHEEK to walk around the house (which is quite long) to the back and knock on it!! >:o(
glori Posts: 31
No, I'm a good workin class Dub too!! My hubbie is a country fella though and I have never seen anyone come through the front door in his parent's house. We always go through the back door when calling to his family and neighbours and it just feels wrong to me! His parents have to use our front door when they visit us as there is no access to the back. They do however rattle the handle on the front door even when it is locked! They try to just walk in. And, when it is locked they go searching for the spare key they have, to let themselves in even when we are at home!!! No ringing the doorbell and waiting like normal people!!! >:o( Must confiscate that spare key at some stage!!!
Jims Doll Posts: 356
Our side door is always open and friends and family just walk in. So if anyone rings the front door bell we never answer it cause its prob someone selling something. I'd say people do wonder though cause there would be 3 cars outside the house, lights all on and no one answering the door bell.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
what's with the working class reference?? Sure aren't we all working class (well majority of us)....dont think that's anything to do with it! Depends on the house- obviously you wouldn't be going around the back in a terraced house (unless you were a burgular perhaps :o0 )