The best make up artist! You have to have her.

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sligo girl Posts: 3
Hi I just got married a few weeks ago & my make up was done by a Imelda Faherty from Westport. She was brilliant. Everyone commented on my makeup which stayed perfect until 4am! She is brilliant. O:o)
oona Posts: 209
thanks for that,do you mind telling me how much it cost? and how do i contact he, thanks congratulations on the wedding :wv
lil-star Posts: 3149
ohh im looking for someone, like oona said do you mind me asking how much? does she charge for travelling?
garran9 Posts: 4401
Apologies if I am wrong :spam:
Anonymous Posts: 24542
would have to agree with you there garran 9. Even more amazing than her make up artist is the fact that she's only posted twice (obviously the run up to the wedding was soooo without problems that it's only after the event for relevant posts)
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Read this yesterday and first thing i thought was :spam:
lil-star Posts: 3149
:-8 im so gulliable
lil-star Posts: 3149
:-8 im so gulliable
oona Posts: 209
didnt even notice the 2 posts, doh O:|
summer09 Posts: 807
Hi All, How strange..... as I had been calling her before this post and she in in New York on holiday till tomorrow only messages can be left on her mobile. So perhaps it's not her?! :eek I wanted her as I have seen alot of good reviews on here. :wv