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littlelulu Posts: 515
I tried on my wedding dress and I'm not really happy with my arms. I was always a bit paranoid about them. They are a little flabby on top, not bad, i'm sure i'm just more paranoid about them. Is there anything I could do just to get them a bit narrower. Is there anything I could do to tackle the area under by bust. It's just a bit fleshy there too. Is any of that possible? I am exercising and eating healthily but would love to get those two areas as good as possible :)
StarLilly Posts: 684
I do tricep dips for my arms, they (should) narrow/tone your arms, while press ups build muscle so make them bigger. Weights would be good too, lighter weights with lots of reps to tone. I can't use weights due to bad neck so don't have much advice there! If going to classes motivates you more than doing it at home yourself then TRX is supposed to be very good. Or try the free Davina McCall app if you have a smartphone. I don't know how to tone under bust area but would definitely like to know-its a trouble area for me too!
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
For arms, push ups. I've started doing these and, while I'm such a weakling, theyre doing the job. Also its handy cos its one exercise that does biceps, triceps and shoulders. Its hard at first, I'm doing 4 sets of 12, with my legs crossed at the knee but in a week and a half there's definitely more definition in them and my strength is improving.