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Jiggle Posts: 37
Hi all, Firstly congrats to you all on your bfps :o)ll Im over from ttc (snooping in the hope that some day soon I'll be joining you all here :-8 ). Im currently on a 2ww that Im finding very difficult and our graduate bfp thread hasnt been updated in a while, I spotted the following on another forum so just wondering would any of you be interested in sharing details of your success stories with ttc'ers like myself. Username: Age: (if you wish) TTC #1/#2/#3 etc: No. of months ttc when you got your bfp: What you used in month you got your bfp: e.g. SMEP/10 days in a row OPK/fertility monitor/temps pillow under bum after dtd robitussin/grapefruit juice/ pineapple juice or OTHER? Cycle length: regular/irregular/days Ovulated on CD: (if known) How many dpo were you when you got your bfp: Which hpt did you use? Any early pregnancy symptoms: Here is the link for the thread over in ttc... ... fc05627b27 Many thanks :thnk :xxx His
Corp Posts: 119
Done. Hope it helps :wv
Jiggle Posts: 37
Thanks Corp and many congrats on your bfp. :xxx