the big green maternity pads!

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi girls, having done a few searches here on maternity pads alot of you recommend the hospital ones, or describe them as the big green ones. Someone thought they might be called BN or something? Just wondering if anyone has these at the moment and could check the name as hope to get them at the weekend and would love to name for when I go asking around Galway! Thanks
Toots12 Posts: 894
not sure what they're called, but you defo can't miss them in the chemists!! I got them in Unicare, sometimes they're on the shelf, but if you ask for them, they usually hold stock behind the counter....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Bastos Viegas: [img:2p29wym0][/img:2p29wym0]
shining star Posts: 877
thank you! Not sure if there's unicare in Galway- there might be, thanks for replies! *)
Chococat Posts: 1632
Are you near a maternity hospital? In Holles street shop on the ground floor they sell them.
cbtb Posts: 413
Whats the story with these pads, are the better than the others?
Toots12 Posts: 894
apparently they are better -these are the ones recommended by midwives. Some other brands have stitching or plastic backs, which can apparently be very uncomfortable if you have a lot of bleeding or tears/stitches.... :eek
Anonymous Posts: 24542
They're [b:2dgjc1om]definitely[/b:2dgjc1om] better. They're specifically made to cope with lochia, unlike sanitary towels, and are very absorbent. Yes, they're huge, but they're not that thick. (I used the crappy Mothercare maternity pads underneath them if I needed extra cushioning). Having used a couple of different pads after I had DD, these are the only ones I would use again.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Hi Shinning Star I got those last week in the chemist at the Dunnes in Briarhill in Galway. They were only about €3.00 per pack and were out on a shelf.
kittysue Posts: 1016
How many packs should you get?