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Autumnbrown Posts: 17
Hey! I think I've picked my dress. I can't say it's "the one" but I can't find myself liking wedding dresses that much anyways. Well, I've tried the dress on in the shop and it fits. It's a sample so obviously cheaper. But then I found the same dress on a site weddingdresses2013 Has anyone bought online or has anyone heard of this website? Very very tempted!! Could do with saving a few bob now...
The Jukebox Kings Posts: 27
Hey AutumnBrown! Congrats with deciding, you must be so excited! I've heard from a number of couples that this site is legit and offers speedy transactions, so to reassure you, I don't think you have anything to worry about! They seem to get really good reviews everywhere and they have a cool Italian vibe going on! Check this out for example: Best of Luck! Samantha XD
Autumnbrown Posts: 17
Thanks Samantha! Aw excited?? Excited!! Another thing to cross off the list... Like a second job. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'll be giving it some serious thought now over the nx few days.
armagh wedding2014 Posts: 51
Hi Autumn Brown Can you give me the full name of that website, i cant seem to find it ?? thanks a millions.
Autumnbrown Posts: 17
Hey sorry for the delay, I had no Internet for a while. I can't find the site now so maybe that's a sign. I googled the dress I was looking for and that sore came up. I contacted the company an they emailed me info about delivery etc and it seemed that the dress would have been coming from Hong Kong. Since then I've deleted those emails because I purchased my dress :) have you googled the address?
adamsmith3450 Posts: 1
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