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OurYear Posts: 1002
Hi Ladies. I am tentatively saying I am up the duff again :o)ll . But I have my Christmas party this Friday, and I dont knwo how the eck I am going to cover up not drinking. They wiull see right through the "I am on antibiotics"....or "I have the car with me"(cos I could easy walk to my house from party). I was thinking to accept all the drinks forced upon me, and try and ditch them when people aren't looking. Any tips? I know this question has been asked a million times before, but as its the season to be jolly and I'm barely pregnant (so definitely dont want people knowing) any tips would be appreciated.
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
Hi hun i feel for you on this me and hubby had to do christmas drinks with loads of our friends on Saturday night we only found out on Thursday that i was pregnant, what we did was just tried not to get into rounds with anyone and i just drank 7 Up and told people i was drinking vodka and 7 Up 2 people did end up buying me a drink but i just took it with me anytime i got up from the table and tried to casually leave it somewhere then scoot up to the bar and get a 7 Up Good luck with the party
Northernbelle Posts: 75
Totally agree with Cheekywife, as long as you are carrying round a drink I don't think people notice. I got through my friends hen by accepting a glass of wine at dinner but never touched it - no one noticed. Then in the bar I ordered 7 up and lime and no one asked, they must have assumed I was on the vodka! I think saying anti biotics or driving (if you never drive on a night out) is a pure give away. :)
jewellb Posts: 2389
Delighted for you Hun !!! When is party can you start complaining of something and then say your on the anti b's flagel is a def no drinking one!!!! Will keep everthing crossed for you and bubs !!! :lvs
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Im n the same boat as you. Had two nights this week, don't think ive been very successful as they were with my best friends but they never said anything. A tip I got when I asked this question was to drink Becks non alcholoic (if your a beer drinker) and just get pour it straight into a glass. The spirit with no spirit in it is a good one too. Accept all drinks and just dont drink them (easy if its a busy night) Best of luck and Enjoy.
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
I think pretending to drink is waaaaay easier than having to come up with an excuse for not drinking!! People just don't notice or pay that much attention once you've a drink in your hand. So if you can order your own drinks, go for 7up and say there's vodka in it. If someone insists on buying one for you, just pretend to drink it and get rid of it when you can! Now if it's a dinner with wine at the table that could be tricky. I was lucky at my Christmas party last week that I work with my best mate (who knows I'm up the duff) so I was able to make sure we were sitting beside each other and we subtly (I hope!) kept swapping the glasses back and forth so she drank all my wine!
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I either 1. Drive or 2. Get hubby or myself to order a soda and lime and pretend its vodka or 3. Pretend to drink and carry it around as others have said.... Ps Congrats!!!!!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Dreading this as I only drink cocktails when out. Don't touch beer wine or minerals with spirits. Only thing I have on my side is we moved a few months ago further into the countryside so rarely will you get a taxi to take you out so far especially during busy season. So I'm going to drive and drink non alcoholic cocktails. Only have one main night out anyway so just to get away with that night would be great.
stephnyc Posts: 414
Get the barman to help! Tell him at the beginning of the night & get him to put cranberry juice in a martini glass & call it a cosmopolitan :)
Fiadh Posts: 83
Order a virgin Mojito! Looks exactly like the real thing and actually tastes yummy aswell! I had one at our office christmas party this afternoon and no one noticed- it looks worse if you're drinking water. Also I bought alcohol free red wine, white wine and alcohol free prosecco in Dunnes last night...handy if people pop over at Christmas or you want to substitute on Christmas Day! Opened the red wine last night...kinda a bit rotten but hey, better than nothing! Think the brand is Carl Jung..looking forward to trying the prosecco