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Senorita Posts: 3413
Holy Moly the weather here is shocking :eek Wicked dark, wind, hail, lightening :o( The cat is huddled up by my heater - poor thing, I'll feel awful putting her out in the weather, when we lock up the office :o( :o(
Barbalou Posts: 1617
does she have shelter when she's out? poor cat :o(
Siofra Posts: 58
It's supposed to get really bad tonight-winds up to 150km an hour, thunder, sleet, snow , basically everything you can feckin think of! >:o( >:o(
dreamer Posts: 3941
Where are you? Its not too bad in Dublin 2! Just a tad blowy!!
Senorita Posts: 3413
[quote="Barbalou":39qkxp64]does she have shelter when she's out? poor cat :o([/quote:39qkxp64] Yes, there's a security hut, which we think she takes to when we go home. There's also shelter under our office, with a some bedding. She was a wild cat, that's been tamed down to the softest puddy cat ever. I loves her :lvs :lvs
Senorita Posts: 3413
[quote="dreamer":1ybtctdy]Where are you? Its not too bad in Dublin 2! Just a tad blowy!![/quote:1ybtctdy] Tis on the way to you dreamer, be warned :o(
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
My side of D2 has become very dark all of a sudden, Fenian St!
dreamer Posts: 3941
Tis here - lashing rain!!
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
winds just picking up in limerick no rain or anything else yet my poor kitties are all conked by the fire. though no fear of them going out. can you take the cat home with you, where are ye all living that its that bad outside