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moanna Posts: 1081
OMG I'm mortified for them, car crash tv
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
I enjoyed that! I don't think I would call it car crash but I am glad it's not my own life all the same...
Friday13 Posts: 354
I feel sorry for people in waterford, the city is already on it's knees and this is the last thing it needs. Tuned in for about 20 mins and then turned over, i dont see the point in airing such a negative documentary at all personally.
StellaBella Posts: 432
That girl Shauna made my blood boil... proud of the fact she had only ever paid the esb twice..but yet can find the tenner to buy her 20 johnny blues every day.. and had a fag in her mouth every time u saw her..her priority was having her childs name on her wrist and yet has no problems smoking around her.. There is absolutely no excuse for it...i know she is young but these girls dont seem to grow up at all when they have their kids..their life just continues on as before... i would love to know how she managed to get a council house so quick in Waterford, when my sister in law had to wait 5 years..