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Perci Posts: 3847
God, whenever i put the toothbrush near my mouth I cant stop gagging. Need to get a childrens toothbrush to make it easier. Anyone elso bad with this? I got pregnancy gingivitis on my last 2 pregnancies and I really want to avoid it this time (DS2 was premature and there's a link between prematurity and gingivitis).
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I was the same last time, the only thing I found that helped was leaving my mouth open as I brushed. Very messy obviously & means you can't stray from the sink but it did stop the gagging. Using less toothpaste helped as well, it was definitely the foam that made me gag rather than the actual toothbrush. On really bad days I'd just brush with water & use copious quantities of mouthwash! HTH x
i want one Posts: 2893
i had this too on DD, and id end up being sick down the sink most days from brushing teeth. i second the leaving ur mouth open very messy but it does help a bit. oh the joys :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Perci Posts: 3847
Thanks for the replies. Tried keeping mouth open which helped a little bit :thnk
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Try Kin toothpaste & mouthwash, I found it fab, maybe use the toothpaste on ur finger to spread it around before brushing, might make it easier, I had that gingivitis early pg too and it was rotten. . . :o( all cleared up after using that stuf. HTH :wv