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roma2011 Posts: 1208
Hi ladies, In response to "Wouldn't a DIY thread be nice?" the lovely admins have said they'll make a sticky DIY thread, and if it gets enough traffic they'll make a forum out of it. :o)ll I'm in work now :-8 so can't spend too much time on here, but said I'd get it started with a few links. Happy DIY-ing! :wv *) [b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Book of love cards[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] nice pressie for H2B on morning of wedding maybe? Not sure if I could think of 52 things though. I mean....I love him and all, but 52 things is a lot! :o0 [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *) [b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Jigsaw puzzle guest book[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] think I'd prefer one where I can see their names and messages, still a nice idea though *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]curled paper heart garland[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]suspended bottle vases[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]cake topper[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Diy Tea bar favours[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] guests can create their own blend [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]braided bead necklace / bracelet tutorial[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Incandescent lightbulb bud vase[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] (am I pushing it too far with this one? :o0 ) [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]heart shaped bird seed favours[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]DIY wine bottle cutting tutorial[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q]for making centrepieces with candles inside the bottles - gorgeous but might be a bit dangerous from the point of view of people burning themselves off the hot glass though [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]DIY heart shaped crayons[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] favours for younger guests maybe? [url:3n7boq2q][email protected]/5672821563/in/photostream/[/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Activity booklet for kids[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Pumpkin Carving as a feature[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]DIY Brooch/Jewellery Bouquet Tutorial[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Wedding Invitation Wording and "rules"[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]DIY Flowers Supplies[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]making your own dress[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]how to print mass booklets[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Templates for Mass Booklet/Order of Service[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Using excel + mail merge to print envelope labels[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Bouquet[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Ferrero Roche Tree[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]veil[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Birdcage veil[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]DIY seed paper[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Seed favours[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Personalised Unity Candles[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Pew ends[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Hair[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Centrepieces[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] - [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] [url:3n7boq2q][/url:3n7boq2q] *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Shoes[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - ... al-sandal/ *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Mass Booklets[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - ... 3&t=254338 *)[u:3n7boq2q][b:3n7boq2q]Tips for making invites[/b:3n7boq2q][/u:3n7boq2q] - ... 13&t=80917 - ... 3&t=155854 *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Wedding Cake[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - viewtopic.php?f=13&t=278151 - ... 3&t=276410 *)[b:3n7boq2q][u:3n7boq2q]Invitations Cost and Supplies[/u:3n7boq2q][/b:3n7boq2q] - ... 9&start=15
realta Posts: 820
absolutely brilliant to have all this is in one place we're makin our own invites and are considering our own pew ends i'll definitely be checkin out the tips below would love some images as well if anyone has any of invites etc they've made themselves
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Great idea roma! I've made my own invitations and will be making my own favours too (well I've bought little tins and will be putting mints in them :o0 ). Here's a photo of one of my finished invitations - eek, first time showing anyone! [attachment=0:1894tzs2]Invitation3.jpg[/attachment:1894tzs2] Bought the invitation materials from - highly recommend them, the quality of the materials is fantastic.
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Wow supersexyflanders they look amazing - completely professional, and very sophisticated. Well done, you must be thrilled! Did that website provide you with templates for the text for all the little bits or did you just do it up yourself?
Babyloco Posts: 964
SSF- they look amazing-well done. Ive hmmed and haaaed over doing my own invites and have looked at that site loads of times and now you have me wanting to do it again. Can you tell me what it was that you ordered from them-like how many enclosures,liners etc? Did you get hit with customs and did you order a sample first? sorry so many questions......
stickwoman Posts: 2394
O.M.G!!!!!!!! They are AMAZING supersexyflanders!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, they are just gorgeous!
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MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
great thread alot of wollies will get plenty of use out of this
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Thanks girls!! Roma when I bought mine there were no design ideas on the site but they have since set up a design blog with some fab ideas on it and there is a section where people can submit their own designs-some of the things people have come up with are amazing. Marylin I ordered 75 of each component - the total cost was €160, including €30 for customs. I didn't bother ordering samples as I'd actually already received an invitation from a friend of mine who also used them so I knew the quality was great. The only thing I would recommend is using a laser printer and making sure what is the minimum paper size it can handle. I ran into some issues with this and nearly tore my hair out until I got it sorted!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
This is a great idea! Love the invites!!
stickwoman Posts: 2394
The link to the paper rose pew ends are AMAZING! Love them! Might be tempted to try them out... wonder did the poster end up using them in the end.