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roma2011 Posts: 1208
Hi ladies, A few more DIY bits and bobs added to the front page:- [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]Book of love cards[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] nice pressie for H2B on morning of wedding maybe? Not sure if I could think of 52 things though. I mean....I love him and all, but 52 things is a lot! :o0 [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]Jigsaw puzzle guest book[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]curled paper heart garland[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]suspended bottle vases[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]cake topper[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]Diy Tea bar favours[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] guests can create their own blend [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]braided bead necklace / bracelet tutorial[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]Incandescent lightbulb bud vase[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] (am I pushing it too far with this one? :o0 ) [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]heart shaped bird seed favours[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]DIY wine bottle cutting tutorial[/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc]for making centrepieces with candles inside the bottles - gorgeous but might be a bit dangerous from the point of view of people burning themselves off the hot glass though [url:356w9skc][/url:356w9skc] [b:356w9skc][u:356w9skc]DIY heart shaped crayons - favours for younger guests maybe? [/u:356w9skc][/b:356w9skc] [url:356w9skc][email protected]/5672821563/in/photostream/[/url:356w9skc] Right that's enough dossing, I better get back to work!
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Love the candles in the wine bottles... would love to try it, but looks v tricky... ;o(
aoife21 Posts: 122
oh i love those heart crayons! i'm definitely going to try those cheers xxx
traceybere Posts: 527
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
A DIY Fairylight backdrop took me ages to sew in the panels with my sewing machine, but once they were done it was grand slotting in the fairlylights. Took this on for my dad's retirement party, as the function room we went for was quite dull and boring. The restaurant/bar manager came out to me and asked where I bought them, I was delighted, I didn't tell her I made them. When I first put them together I used just a single layer of organza. The lights were a bit harsh so I bought some voile ( sheer material) curtains to put over them, and this softened the look. Not using mine as a backdrop though our hotel already has one for us included in the package, using this to decorate a glass entrance at the top of a staircase kind of like a curtain framing the entrance at our venue and finishing off with ivory rose trees. It can be divided into different sections to give this curtain effect So excited now!!!! :hyper:
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Gorgeous! I'm veeeery impressed. Won't be doing this myself but am mad curious. What type of fairy lights did you use so that you didn't end up with a million plugs? Are they christmas icicle ones or....????
msdf2b Posts: 64 do you make these fairylight things, do they work out expensive to make?
shazza k Posts: 525
i second how did you make it its fab! id me a bit affraid the fairy light bulbs would get hot and burn the voile did your bulbs get hot at all??
Akashla Posts: 237
+1 for a how to! and +1 on the type of lights that you used :) I wish there was a way of flagging individual posts, because there is a lot of really good how to's on here and they get lost :(
no way Posts: 35
I'd love to know how you made them too. just looking at some of your posts, you've made quite a lot of things for your wedding and they look really well, I'm trying to make my own invitations they are taking so long and I cant settle on a design for them. any inspiration? I need them to be simple my DIY skills are very basic, you guys put me to shame.