The funniest thing your OH/DH/H2B has ever done/said?

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Walking Bump Posts: 2095
Just being curious? Need a giggle to pass the time!
sue27 Posts: 604
There's loads, but you've put me on the spot now, can't think of any. Himself and SIL have a habit of mixing up words, it's hilarious. SIL asked for laminated pork chops in the butchers one day (obviously meant marinated) :o0 , she also tried to make an appointment with the hairdresser to get her headlights done - the mad thing was, she realised as she said it and bursted out laughing, but the hairdresser didn't cop on. :o0
Joleigh Posts: 4242
A few of us were slagging DH for something stupid that he said, and he replied, "stop laughing at me, you're giving me a complexion". He still hasnt lived it down!
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
My darling H2B kindly put on a wash last nite, without me having to ask him!! I went into the kitchen a while later to find the Comfort bottle nearly empty so I called him and asked him y d bottle was nearly empty when it had only bn bought the day before. He answered back smugly "well I do have to wash the clothes" I said "please please tell me you put washing powder in aswell" He hadnt the bloody dope had been washing all our clothes in fabric softener for weeks!!! His reply to me laughing at him was "oh well at least our clothes were soft"!!! hahaha!!! Ya gotta love 'em!![/url]
kittenheart Posts: 1488
When we were building our house he was putting in the floors and the concrete was being poured and he was being all high and mighty telling us to stay away from the edges cos we'd be stupid and leave something fall into the freshly poured and floated concrete, he was in full flow about how incompetent we all were and how knowledgeable he was about all these things, when he proceeded to lose his balance and fall ARSE first into the freshly poured cement. He has never lived it down. Also when we moved in together first he decided he'd make a stew for the dinner and went into the butchers looking for beef lumps.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I have story from his youth but I don't know if I should say ! It might be mis intreptated in todays world
sandy13 Posts: 939
[quote:2tcsqrst]went into the butchers looking for beef lumps. very good!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote:2tcsqrst]
Italy07 Posts: 5409
When I was a little young I was sent to the butchers for mince for the dinner and some bones for the dog. Off I went, firstly I couldn't remember if I wanted 1 pound in weight or money, so we sorted that out, then when it was handed to me he asked if I wan't anything else, so I told him I wanted some dogs for the bone, looked at me and once again I repeated myself and again before I noticed he was in stitches laughing at me and then eventaully I realised what I had said. Just slightly embarrasing and of course he was a cutie and I had a mad crush on him.
bimbochick Posts: 95
My h2b is intent on teaching my daughter loads of big words for the simplest things. Last week, while in a packed restaurant, my daughter was waiting patiently on her spag bol - when it arrived she announced, very proudly and loudly, to h2b - 'its time to masticate' (meaning to eat) :action34 You can only imagine what our fellow diners thought she said - was morto :innocent:
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
My chair is rocking im laughing that much, there are tears rolling down my face. :o0 :o0 :o0 I came home one day and DH announced he has washed the carpet for me (im a bit obsessed with shampooing carpet), i said what did you wash it with we are out of Vanish. He washed it with Daz washing powder !!! In fact it came up very clean.