The g Hotel Galway - any reviews?

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AK2015 Posts: 31
Hi, Just wondering if any one has gotten married in the g Hotel in Galway or attending a wedding there? Think it is a beautiful venue but don't know anyone who has been to a wedding there. Any advice would be great :)
shivivryan Posts: 40
I was there for a weekend and there was a wedding on there. I had a sneak peak at the function room and I must say it looked amazing, it is decorated in very dark colors but the make good use of the lighting. The only thing I was thinking that as a bride there is no outside area to sit out if it is a nice thy could have added one by now as this was two years ago..definitely a touch of class about this hotel though
Wardy Posts: 41
My brother & his wife got married there and I thought it worked fantastically well as a venue!! Really loved it. Food, decor, service everything was fab. The one thing I thought might not work was the band as they were set up along the long wall of the room and therefore I thought the noise might bounce back off the opposite wall and be way too loud, but this wasn't an issue at all, actually one of the very few weddings I was at where the bands noise level was ideal, not too loud. (Obviously this could be just down to the band they had!)
AK2015 Posts: 31
Thanks both - this is really helpful! Wardy - how recently was it that your brother got married? We are going to try find a church nearby that will do a catholic service if you know anywhere you would recommend!
Wardy Posts: 41
It was 2013 I think!! (I should know) It was shortly after the room had been refurbished for weddings. They got married in The Garrison Church down the end of the Renmore Road. Fab small church, really quaint.