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JanuaryJones Posts: 164
Thinking strongly about an Irish name. Would love a not too common name. Baby brain in action so havn't been able to think of many. Hoping Wollies wil add to the list and make it a comprehensive irish name thread for boys and girls. Will start by listing 3 names (apologising for lack of fada) Roisin Tiernan Fionn
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Croiadh Cariosa Senan (can't put fadas on them either, sorry)
MiniJ Posts: 118
Girls: Róisín Eilís Sadhbh Saoirse Muireann Aoibhinn Boys: Cian Somhairle (Sam as Gaeilge) Fiachra Ferdia Oisín Sorry I teach in a Gaelscoil so could go on all day here ;-)
tinkerbell25 Posts: 35
:) [b:y8oxc4il]FAB post! [/b:y8oxc4il]Im thinking of the same want something unusual but not too unusual if you know what I mean. [b:y8oxc4il]Girls[/b:y8oxc4il] Aoise Laoise Naoise ( think this can be both for a boy and a girl!) Cait Nia Neasa Aoibheanna Ruan [b:y8oxc4il]BOYS[/b:y8oxc4il] Iarla Odhran Oisin Eimhin Cianan Darragh/Daire/Dara Pauric Barra [b:y8oxc4il]MiniJ[/b:y8oxc4il]... Please put up more of the names that you know from school.... :) [b:y8oxc4il]Sassypants[/b:y8oxc4il] How do you pronounce Croiadh and Cariosa PS How do you include fada's? Oopppppp Did you say list 3?? :duh:
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="tinkerbell25":14lydz2b]Sassypants How do you pronounce Croiadh and Cariosa[/quote:14lydz2b] Cree-ya Car-ee-uh-sa (Iosa as in Jesus in Irish) I think that's right anyway. Cariosa is my niece's middle name.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Aisling (DD' same!) Aislinn Niamh Clodagh Cliona Saibh (not quite sure of spelling sorry) Ciara Caoimhe Eoin Una Dearbhla Ronan Sean Liam (although i think some people don't class this as an Irish name) Michael (as in mee-hall) Sinead Aoife
ructions Posts: 2689
ciaraella Liam is definitely an Irish name! Meabh Roise Sorcha Conor Darragh Rian Ruadhri Ronan
ciaraella Posts: 5323
[quote="ructions":16p9dyef]ciaraella Liam is definitely an Irish name! [/quote:16p9dyef] That's what i though Ructions but i was told in no uncertain terms by someone that it wasn't! I think they may have been having a bad day ;o)
ructions Posts: 2689
I think it comes from Uilliam, Irish for William.
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
[quote="ructions":15bgg1u7] Roise [/quote:15bgg1u7] How do you pronounce this???