The Jukebox Kings-Reviews???

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Re: The Jukebox Kings-Reviews???

Postby Maureen McNamara » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:22 pm


We've just booked the Jukebox Kings. We're planning the wedding from England so we had to find a band online. The band's videos on youtube from weddings they've played are pretty impressive. They look very professional and come across as some of the best singers/musicians we've seen yet. Some friends went to see their live showcase for us and said that they were very impressed with them live. Their music co-ordinator has been really easy to deal with in agreeing a package and price. We've been most impressed with the variety of their set list as we want to ensure that there is something for everyone in the set. Lorna their music co-ordinator has said that the band are happy to add songs that aren't listed on the band's website to our setlist and tailor the music to include any songs request we have.


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