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cailum Posts: 123
Did anyone see the late late on Friday night? The head of the Merrion clinic was on with the lady that was on Panorama last week, Kate something or other. But they were talking about the woman of today leaving parenthood until there 30’s and later. It was really interesting to listen to. Also there were some ladies in the audience, one woman who had her first at 21 then her second at 41 and a third followed after, she just talked about the difference of having babies early and later in life then there was a midwife who talked about reasons of infertility and then there was a lady called Sinead Moriarty who had a baby after 4 ½ year of trying. She has written a book called the Baby Trail, it’s about the journey of a lady who is on the ttc road with humor added. Well the sucker I am I went out and bought it on Saturday morning, well I haven’t put it down since and I keep giggling to myself. My husband is dying to get his hands on it to see what I’m laughing at. I have to say it’s like reading a book about my story and my feelings its everything we are all going through.
Cowslip Posts: 761
I saw that on Friday night. It was very interesting. I thought Sinead was funny telling of her experience with the gynae, telling her she should have had kids at 16 ??? And as she said herself, even at 25 you are too busy having a good time and feel like you are invincible. The midwife seemed to be talking a good deal of rubbish though, the fertility expert never backed her up and even contradicted her.... I must keep an eye out for that book...
cailum Posts: 123
Yes I agree on the Midwife all right. I got it in the book shop in Stephens green I think Hughes & Hughes €10.45.
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
Girls i totally reccomend that book, i have just finished her third one from here to maternity, I was in stiches. The books are totally ones you cannot put down and you do be in fits of laughter out loud reading them. Last week when I was in bed finishing the book, i actually woke up from shaking with the giggles.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
yeah saw friday night and also saw the program that kate did for panorama a few months back which was very moving. all i have been tiinking during weekend that i have 35 year old eggs :eek
sally Posts: 1140
Would have liked to see that but was out.... does anyone know if it was on early in the show... there is a repeat on tonight but my video isnt working so I cant tape it. Might stay up a little if its on early on in the show,
CTBaby Posts: 36
Hi Sally, I think it was the second part of the late late - so about a half hour won't have to stay up too late to catch it! Enjoy....
montblanc Posts: 385
Hi there Mom's and mom's to be. Heard about the Late Late show too but didn't see it but its something that's always scared me too! I'll be 30 this year, not very old but would like to have a few children. The thing is, we are not very settled and have not been working for very long, so we don't have much money and have taken yet another loan for the wedding, silly I know. We are living far from friends and my family. H2B mom lives about 30 mins away so we would have her nearby but my family are a good 3 hours drive. I'm just thinking would it be silly to TTC in these circumstances? Living in a high rise apartment block, can hear the neighbours music etc. I know babies take an enormous amount of energy. My sis at home has a little boy and drops him into my mom or to my other sis or brother for an hour or so most days so she can run to shop, gym, or even go to cinema or dinner of an evening. I wouldn't have that really, it would be just me and H2B, 24/7. H2B's job means we will be living where we are for at least 2 years more. I guess I don't want to be 33, TTC, moving house, and looking for a job all at the same time, and I know the TTC will always be last on the list cause let's face it, I'd need a job and a house first!! I'm not sure what I'm asking really, but it is something that's weighing heavily on me for the last little while. It's not that I want a child now, its scares me, but when will the right time be.
CTBaby Posts: 36
Hi Montblanc :wv Not sure I have the answers to your questions but the way I see it - there might never be a perfect time to ttc. Your life is always changing and a little bundle of joy is bound to turn everything topsy turvy.. Myself and DH are terrified at the changes that lie ahead - but I know that I wouldn't swop them for anything if we are lucky enough to have our own baby. You just have to take the leap at some stage and trust that everything will turn out just right. In a few years time you will be more settled and might think about having baba no.2 even at that stage! I think, if you feel ready to have a little addition to the family - well then go for it. But enjoy the wedding first and all the whirlwind excitement that goes with it - it is such a brilliant time! I think you could worry and worry about all the 'what ifs' that lie ahead - but life is full of uncertainties and you'll never know what could be around the corner if you don't peak :-) Anyways, that's just my tuppence worth. Whatever you decide - it will be the right thing for you and DH - Good Luck :wv
montblanc Posts: 385
Thank you CTbaby. I'm a bit of a worrier but I do think you are right, there will never be a perfect time. I will try and concentrate on the wedding and really enjoy that, and see how the land lies after that. Thanks for the kind words, don't know why I'm getting all upset about it.