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bling2010 Posts: 535
I know i have to now register my marriage. I am living in Dublin but getting married in Meath does that mean i can still register in Dublin? Also doesn anyone know where the office is in dublin and what i need to bring with me.....and then what happens next....what else do i need to do??? thank you so much - im getting confused. By the way getting married in Aug 2010..
babybambino Posts: 940
You can register the marriage wherever is convienient to you. The Dublin office is on Lombard street, near Pearse street. Ring them for an appointment andthey'll ask when your wedding date is adn give you one. They often give an appointment that's almost exactly three months before the wedding. Their number is: 8638200. A list of al the registrar's offices is available here: . We needed our priest's name, our witnesses names, our birth certs and our passports, you and your fiance need to attend the meeting together and they give you the MRF form which is what you bring with you to the church on your wedding day (this is all assuming you're getting married in a church!). You have to return the form to the registrar's office after the wedding to complete registration of your marriage and you can get marriage certs then if you wish
bling2010 Posts: 535
cool...thanks a mil.. getting married in a church..must give them a ring next week so...
sarsarlou Posts: 179
You ready for this? Tongue twister.. We are both from Dublin-Blackrock and living in Galway temporarily but we had to register in Galway... We are getting married in Carton House and after registering in Galway we had to get in touch with the Dublin office for the registrar to come to us... that was for a civil marriage in an outside location (the hotel) We just had to fill in all the forms they had, you need to bring a household bill as proof of address, your passport or driving licence and your birth cert. Hope this helps :) Oh and your €150 fee case, they dont take cards.