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wishicouldelope Posts: 181
I'm up to my eyes planning colour schemes, trying to decide whether to have favours and poring over shapes of bouquets and menu options and when I think back over the weddings that I've attended none of these things stand out for me at all. And what I do remember is often something unplanned or really simple, that just makes that wedding stand out from the rest. Like the impromptu singsong.... or the bride's father's voice cracking when he was reminiscing about his own wedding day. So what are the special moments/ little touches that you remember from the weddings that you've been to?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Being thanked in the brides (friend of mine) fathers speech for helping print the mass books- I only went down for an hour as Im fairly good on computers and they were struggling, so I just laid the page template for them and printed , took me about an hour at most. It was lovely to be mentioned in the speech and made the day even more special to me...
wishicouldelope Posts: 181
I know what you mean Hurry! It neans so much to be acknowledged! I went to an afters a while ago with my H2B. It was a bit out of the way for us and he wouldn't have bothered going if I had said I didn't want to but I didn't know a soul there. He went to get us drinks and before I could even look around to see if there was anyone at all I knew, the bride came up to me and introduced herself to me, thanked me for coming and introduced me to some other guests. I was so impressed - she didn't know me, I was just one more person at her big day but she made the effort to make sure I was comfortable. I doubt I'll be such a good hostess but of all the weddings, afters and parties I've ever been to, that one stands out for having the lovliest bride!
redb Posts: 347
I went to a small wedding once and the bride or groom thanked everyone individually for something. It wasnt really obvious but it was lovely. Everyone felt they had done something special and as a result of that one wedding, i'm making sure that everyone has been given a little special job, something small but something that i can thank them for and i'm making a list. I also remember REALLY cool favours at a wedding and i'm replicating them. I'm soooo excited about it.
lil-star Posts: 3149
what were the favours red? :o)ll
redb Posts: 347
Bags of goodies - there was loads in theirs but i'm having: for the girls: paracetemol, eyedrops, breath mints, a top eyecream (sample size), labello and a small manicure kit w/ handcream and lindt chocolates for the boys: Lifeline, eyedrops, breath mints, lindt chocolates and a scratch card The bags are different colours and sizes and each one has a large tag attached that has their name on it (doubling as a placenamethingy) and a small individual thankyou note on the back. taking me ages but really really worth it. I rang all the companies through my job and was donated most of the stuff. the bags only cost €8, the eyedrops €15, breath mints €3 and the scratch cards were a gift !! Oh and the card for the nametag thingys was €2 in reads !!
lil-star Posts: 3149
that sounds great! well done hard work but id say its worth it :o)ll
wishicouldelope Posts: 181
those are lovely favours - thoughtful, practical and personal! My lot are probably going to get you-better-be-grateful-for-them-mints-in-a-bag! I love the idea of keeping track of what everyone has done so you can thank them. When you think about it, those are the kind of things worth putting the effort into! Now if I can just find a look-a-like with a good head for details I'll be sorted. :o0
aoifem79 Posts: 475
So what are the special moments/ little touches that you remember from the weddings that you've been to?[/quote I am always emotional at weddings but when my friend asked his new wife to check the inside of her ring (just outside the church with friends) I cried. He had engraved as a suprise her name and "my wife my love always" she cried most girls cried. It was so touching.
noc Posts: 1802
If the food is good at weddings I always remember them fondly :o0 I remember the speeches too when something particularly nice is said. I thought my father's speech at my sister's wedding was really nice. Now he has to follow up on that for me... And I remember breakfast/ hanging around with friends the morning or day after the wedding and discussing how it all went and remembering funny things people did or said.