The Mai by Marina Carr 1-3 Oct.Cork.Not Spam I'm a Poster: )

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clairej Posts: 251
Hi ladies and gents This is a shameless promotional post -NOT SPAM lol. I am a poster here . Myself and two other ladies Maria O'Callaghan and Jackie O'Regan have just set up a new theatre comapny in Cork called Chapter Productions and we are about to put up our first production .It is a modern Irish play written by Marina Carr called The Mai. The Mai is a tragedy. It tells the story of four generations of women from a Midlands family .Although it is dark the lighter and funnier moments come form the opium smoking 100 year old Grandma Frachlan played by Antoinette Hilliard. Grandma Fraochlan doesn't realise the influence she has over her own children, her grandchildren and their lovers. The Mai who is about to turn 40 is lost in a longing for a great romance. Her absent husband Robert returns after four years and her world comes crashing down again.Her relationship with her eldest daughter Millie is almost non existant as she becomes obsessed with keeping Robert .She even builds a new house for them in the hope that something solid will keep him there. Her obsession turns to madness and through Grandma Fraochlan it becomes clear that this madness has passed from generation to generation.Grandma Fraochlan pines for her love a "nine fingered fisherman" as The Mai descends further and further into a "dark cavern" from which only Robert can save her. ....... and on that happy note , Tickets are €15 and are available from the Cork Arts Theatre 021 4505624 It really is a great play and I can guarantee you , you will never hear a tongue sharper that Grandma Fraochlan's Thanks Claire J [b:2gff3hgp]The Mai[/b:2gff3hgp] 1st October - 3rd October 8pm. Cork Arts Theatre Camden Court Carrolls Quay Cork Tkts €15/€12 conc groups welcome. Bookings call 021 4505624 Chapter Theatre Productions presents The Mai by Marina Carr. Dir. Judie Chalmers Cast: Anntoinette Hilliard, Judy Donoven, Tess Healy Maguire, Claire Jackson, Maria O'Callaghan, June McCarthy, Marina Lawlor and Taylor Lane. Set in the Irish midlands whose landscape becomes the arena in which Marina Carr's Gothic epic expands, The Mai revolves around Millie's narrative of the desperate loves of her mother, a woman faithful to a man incapable of loyalty. For years she has spent hours contemplating Owl Lake and waiting for his return. In a house of proud, mad and sometimes comical women, she and her daughter, her sisters, her aunts and her grandmother, a Spanish beauty and sixty-year widow of a nine-fingered fisherman, weigh their second chances as the legend of the lake unfolds in Marina Carr's exquisite and fearless tragedy. [img:2gff3hgp][/img:2gff3hgp] >:o) [/img][/url]
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Sounds good! I am from Dublin but just wanted to wish you the best of luck with it :wv
aston Posts: 4100
Sounds like an excellent play! Will defo look into it! See you there! :wv
hassig Posts: 900
sounds really good, I will say it to some friends and try and organise for us to go on the Friday night.
clairej Posts: 251
"Renowned Irish playwright Marina Carr's gothic epic 'The Mai' will be brought to life by Cork's Chapter Theatre Productions at Cork Arts Theatre this October. The play will run from 1 - 3 October at 8pm each night and features the cream of Cork talent. Tickets are €15/€12 with concession and are available at the Cork Arts Theatre. This fearless and haunting tragedy centres on the story of The Mai, a forty year old woman who is struggling to save her marraige. When her estranged husband Robert returns to the new house she has built by Owl Lake, her deep love for him is tested once again. Their daughter Millie narrates this dark and sometimes comical story as she recalls The Mai and Robert's tumultuous relationship and the legend of Owl Lake. Four generations of The Mai's family gather in her new house as she desperately succumbs to the obsession and madness that is so prevalent amongst the women around her. The matriarch, an opium smoking 100 year old Grandma Fraochlan, herself pining for her nine fingered fisherman, fails to realise the effect her own neurosis has had on the family. The women march blindly on as their legacy once again reveals itself - with tragic results. This award winning play by Marina Carr received critical acclaim when staged in the 1994 Dublin Theatre Festival. Regarded as one of the most talented writers in Irish theatre, Carr often explores the notion of heriditary destructive behaviours. Her work includes 'Portia Coughlan', 'By the Bog of Cats' and most recently, 'Marble'. 'The Mai' by Marina Carr will run in the Cork Arts Theatre October 1st - 3rd. Tickets are available at the Cork Arts Theatre 0214505624"
clairej Posts: 251
Tickets are on sale now from Cork Arts Theatre 021 4505624
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I LOVE the Mai - I played Millie in an amatuer production years ago, and I just adored the part. It's such a great play! Lovely image on the poster too. Best of luck with it. :wv
clairej Posts: 251
Opening night tomorrow girls, tyickets will be available on the door.Try to support us if ye are around we are running wednesday to saturday *)