The mini wolly who went to the gym!

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sonopotere Posts: 1124
Hi Girls! just having a good day so thought id share the feeling. joined the gym before christmas with great intentions and kept putting it off, but got up off my lazy ass today and finally went! yay me!!! was badly needed, so am now goin on my 'skinny/fit/healthy me' buzz and have joined tesco diets and have my gym plan worked out. and as my lil self motivator have done my weight loss ticker! all starts here!!!! am really motivated now! will have to start stickin up the pics of the skinny brides with my head on them around the house now! :o0 PLUS to top my good day off, i just became a mini wolly!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Anyone else just starting their weight loss/fitness buzz??? we could keep each other motivated and stuff??
dreams Posts: 253
Hiya, well done :wv :wv that's great and it feels great too. I just started yesterday, I joined weight watchers and went to the gym (finally) this morning so maybe we could keep each other motivated!
shala Posts: 1733
Hey - fairplay to ya!! After reading ur post, I'm gonna defo head to the gym today and get into a good health buzz! THANKS
sonopotere Posts: 1124
sounds good girls! will defo keep each other motivated dreams if you are up for it? i aint joining weight watchers again though, just dont have the patience!but will post weekly weight updates and gym times etc if ya want? you could do the same? sounds silly but have heard it works!