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CiaraGraham Posts: 19
Hey All, I have been looking at the Multiwrap dresses for my four bridesmaids but I can't afford the Eliza and Ethan ones. Has anyone purchased cheaper versions that were good quality? Thanks
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
Pretty sure Coast are doing them this season and Missguided!
evmurph2016 Posts: 1
Victoria Dawes on Facebook is who I ordered them from. She does a 25% off offer too through facebook every so often.
EPBride Posts: 6
Debenhams Debut range definitely have them too - both a long and midi length. They sell out quite quickly but keep an eye online.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Search for the Daintyard on here & there seems to be lots of positive reviews about it.
MrsBB Posts: 12
Hi - I got mine online in Marks & Spencer - they are only available online. They come in tons of colours - I got the short ones - they are absolutely gorgeous on and I think they were only €80 each.. delighted with them, the material is gorgeous. I had looked at the "real" ones but couldn't justify spending that much on them.
mrsmtobe2915 Posts: 35
I got mine from etsy(seller dresslongbridal). Highly recommended, good quality and takes returns which a lot of sellers don't. Cost me €280 for 4 dresses including delivery - didn't get caught for customs either :-)
CiaraGraham Posts: 19
Thanks alot ladies! All great suggestions. Good to hear I can get something way more affordable!!
pampooties Posts: 4
I've just gotten mine from the daintyard. Worked out at about 65 each with shipping and customs. Quality is perfect and they come with the bandeau top
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I got Eliza and Ethan and wanted one for myself in the shorter length so I couldn't justify the expense...ended up buying from the daintyard on etsy and I can 100% vouch for them. Some of the cheaper ones have less material and can cling or be see through in lighter colours, and often don't come with bandeau. The daintyard ones are fantastic, the only difference was they didn't have the shimmer that my bm material had (dusty rose). My sis in law who was due to be 9 months preg (baby arrived a week early) got one to wear to out wedding when she saw mine and was delighted. Since then 2 friends have bought them and I'm bm for a wedding next may and bride has just decided to order from daintyard too. Can't give any more testimonials than that! ;)