The name game.... are some names more popular in regions?

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agie Posts: 1107
Just following on from Vanilla icecream's post about girls names, I know one Ailbhe (Ale va) who is 30+ I havent heard any one been called it recently. I know FANTAC said there are a few of the gals in her office with LO's called Ailbhe and Im just wondering are some names more popular by region than others?? I know the CSO list "THE" most popular male and female by region. So what are the names you have heard most recently and what region are you in?? Im in Leinster and the last six children I know born were called: Sean / Jack Ava / Eva / Emily
aston Posts: 4100
Am in Cork and the last few babies that have been born in our area the boys have been called Jack and girls Ava!!!! Jack is really really popular!!
fantac Posts: 4109
I'm in Leinster too Agie - but our office is jam packed with GAA loving Gaelgóirs so plenty of Irish names, hence a clatter of Ailbhe's! We do also have a good smattering of Eva's (4 under 3yrs!) and Emily's (3 in 12 months). Strangley enough, only one small boy and he is called Peter!
agie Posts: 1107
Peter thats a lovely name. Its gas how some names become sooooo popular. I have not come across another lil girl with your dd's name.
fantac Posts: 4109
[quote="agie":2lqkc909]Peter thats a lovely name. Its gas how some names become sooooo popular. I have not come across another lil girl with your dd's name.[/quote:2lqkc909] I havent yet in person either - but I think there are a few on MM. Your little man's name is not that common either, its one of our family names so I have a cousin or two with it, but don't know many others. Yeah isn't Peter gorgeous, I really like it. I am weird about names, cant understand how folk dont look at the stats etc - and all end up calling their kids the same thing - but I guess the kids probably dont give a monkeys!
clumsy Posts: 661
You never hear of a girl being called Mary anymore. I bet the next generation will love it. Names do cycles, well I think anyway
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi I'm in Germany and the last 6 babies I know of that were born were called.. Tom / Dylan / Jack Pia / Merle / Katie Some of the German maternity hospitals have baby albums on their of the newborns with their names so its another source of current names, not sure if Irish maternity hospitals have the same, F :wv
Greece Posts: 1800
Im in Dublin and the last babies born that I know are called: Dublin boys: Callum / Cian / Adam UK Boys: Michael / Kaleb Dublin Girls: Ava / Marley / Jessica / Moya
agie Posts: 1107
Michael is a lovely name, seems popular enough on the cso list but I havent heard of anyone calling there babies Michael.... Gaelgóirs alot here too!