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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
oh my god i was seriously in nesting mode today! have been a bit sore and uncomfortable lately but got up this morning and felt fine - ds even slept till 7.20am!! then got in a cleaned the nursery (which had become a dumping ground!) and my bedroom and ensuite even scrubbed underneath of the toilet and the back of the toilet (which i'm lazy and very rarely do :-8 ) was down on my hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floor!! also at the weekend i think i lost a bit of my mucus plug sorry tmi here - discharge was lumpier than normal and a bit pink when i wiped - nothing since then though am 35 +2 today so am wondering if things will start moving soon and i'll go early although hopefully no earlier than 37 weeks!!!!
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Feel free to come by my house and do some nesting too if you want! I have plenty of bathrooms that need a once over. :o0 I have less than no inclination to do them, so the nesting seems to have bypassed me for sure! Still, i am in pain all the time, so thats probably why.....not that im a lazy cow or anything. :innocent:
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
thanks for the reply boodles i kind of wish the nesting would pass me by - i had it when i was pregnant on ds and had him about 2 weeks later so getting a bit paniced !! last night had a few painful bh and had to lean over a footstool to ease the pressure / pain. also notice that down there :-8 is very sore like its being strectched and i know its fairly swollen ( :-8 i had to have a look) has anyone had this feeling this early? the pressure and pain gets worse when i stand up so i'm hoping its just baby getting engaged? don't remember having this on ds??
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Ive been like that for months now, awful SPD and pressure in my groin all the time, swollen too, but its definitely getting worse the last few weeks, and i still have 2 weeks to go. :weep I didnt have this on DD either, but that was years ago and i was much younger. I would imagine my muscles are just so weak now that there is nothing to hold baby up, hence the pressure and pain! I never did any pelvic floors after DD, and my ab exercise routine over the years has been abysmal! :-8 So its my own fault. I can tell you, as soon as i am fit to exercise after this one arrives, i will be at every pilates class i can find!!
I cannot do anymore nesting! For the last 2 weeks I have been on maternity leave and all it has done is pour down with rain so I have been confined to the house. There really is nothing more for me to clean. Every cupboard has been emptyed, every wardrobe tidied, every bit of useless paper stored in the drawers has been shredded! Am sick of nesting!