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Bootso Posts: 217
Hey ladies, So the most bizarre dress sitch happened to me. I had noted a picture of a bride on facebook that a friend of mine commented on (Loving the facebook stalkability) I passed no heed...well I noted the neckline of the dress was quite different and liked it but passed no heed for a while. Then as the thoughts of dress shopping approached "the fear of the strapless gown" (should trademark that one) approached. I am slim enough but HATE my arms/ back area and often feel strapless gowns don't suit everyone albeit they look best too. So having began the hunt online for similar styles to the facebook stalk one and others I really got the fear. Like i didn't wanna be getting a strapless one and then fooling myself into thinking that I'd have jennifer Anniston arms by next September. SO I emailed my friend re her mates dress assuming it'd be a season ago having been worn in the Summer - it wasn't. I contacted the shop, made an appointment and hit in to start. They suggested I try others on but after trawling through so many I only tried on one other (first) and then the one I came to see. It was deffo "the one". Plain but beautiful and the neckline is so unique I cannot find anythiing similar on line. Paid my deposit there and then. Oh the best thing - would've paid whatever for it but got an amazing deal - it just didn't cost the world, was soo lucky! This was about 4 weeks ago and last weekend I tried on the Suzanne Neville Gracie as had looked at it and if I had been going strapless this was a consideration, liked it but at €4,000 I was glad I still preferred my one for ALOT less and left smiling, my decision confirmed. (it's a stunning dress though too) So there it is, one shop, one dress in mind and one wedding dress bought. Cannot WAIT for it to come in! Just thought i'd share my happiness. HAPPY VIBES EVERYONE!! :o)ll
OrTees Posts: 907
That's great, well done on your decisiveness and well wear O-O . I definitely think you do know The dress when you try it on- I couldn't stop smiling in mine and my my mum and friend both gasped when I came out in it. I tried on a few more but none measured up to that one. Even now, a few months later, I still smile when I think of wearing it on the big day!