The Panoramics or Radioshack

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LuckyGirl29 Posts: 25
Hi all! Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Panoramics or Radioshack? If by any chance you have seen both which do you think is the better choice???? :) Thanks a mill!
LuckyGirl29 Posts: 25
Anyone????? Any advice??? :)
sarebear Posts: 275
Hi Luckygirl29, Can't comment on radioshack as we never seen them live but we did see the panoramics, actually twice firstly we went to view them at a wedding and they had the dance floor packed so good first impressions. We then went to one of their showcases and thought they were great then too. Initially i did have concerns that they were a little too rock and roll for my liking however they were shortlived as the second part of the showcase were all the classic dance floor fillers! If you are looking for ABBA or any of the cheezy songs they don't sing those but you have the DJ for all that :compress They have a FB page with lots of songs on there so might give you better idea. We booked them for our wedding next June :o)ll Hope this helps :thnk
misswalshie Posts: 37
Heh there, We've booked Radioshack for our wedding in Dec- they have a great play list etc. We only have seen them once but really enjoyed it! I think its great the way there are male and female vocals in the group too! Hopefully they get the dance floor packed!!! Hope this helps!
joan1 Posts: 63
Radioshack were our band for wedding in Jun and they were fantastic, they really know how to suit the crowd. Had gone to see them twice before wedding and was impressed. Dance floor was full all night, lotsa comments on how good they were and it was excellent to have the male and female vocal.
oooch78 Posts: 59
Hi Joan1 and misswalshie. so good to see someone talking about Radioshack! Joan1 you had them at your wedding, we saw them at a a showcase in Cafe en seine, and whilst they were very good , female singer was excellent. didnt have much interaction with the crowd :eek . Really looking for a band that can chat and have the crowd get involved at the wedding and am alittle nervous that they wont do that! How did you feel they were at wedding? Ive just pm'd you aswell just incase you dont see this post! :-8 Misswalshi where did you hear about them, did you get to see them perform at a wedding?