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Sammie123 Posts: 126
Hi - all Has anyone seen the Panoramics play? are they any good?? We are a young couple and want a party atmosphere and none of the traditional wedding song...waltzs and all that. Would they be suitable for us? Getting hitched in 5 months and I have no band but dont want to make a rushed decision. All advise appreciated!! thanks!
lexiebaby Posts: 153
Hi Aeriel, I had the Panormaics play at our wedding in July. I cannot recommend them enough. If you are looking for something a bit different - not too weddingy- then they are the band for you. They catered for everyone. The floor was packed all night long. At one stage one of our guests commented that you'd need a ticket system to get on the floor! I was a bit worried as to whether my parents would like them as my mom is very much into trad Irish music but she turned to me at one stage and said that they were fantastic. Thats alot coming from my mom. The band travelled down to Kerry for us and they were such a pleasure to deal with even after such a long drive. We got the dj package and i really recomend that as it meant that there was no break between end of band and start of disco and so the floor remained packed. If you are still unsure you should go and see them play. We drove up to Naas to see them and booked them there and then. If you book them you won't be sorry
DipDab Posts: 1172
We also had the panaromics at our wedding in July and they were fantastic, couldn't recommend them highly enough. The one thing that all of our guests commented afterwards was how good they were. They played everything from the Sawdoctors to Kings of Leon and the Killers. Like Myrr, the dancefloor was packed for the night!
Sammie123 Posts: 126
Hi girls!! We went to see them last night - and we are booked - they are great!! Got the DJ package...... thanks for the advice!!!