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Happyout123 Posts: 299
Hi All Has anyone heard The Poorboys play a wedding recently?? All the feedback on WOL although great is from 2011 looking for something a bit more recent. Thanks X
Happyout123 Posts: 299
BowieGirl Posts: 4
I have booked them for my wedding next Dec, have not seen them play at a wedding but was at a gig they played just before Christmas, they are fantastic! Great range of songs / styles, am delighted we have booked them.
ExcitedB2B2013 Posts: 140
Was at a wedding last June and they were the band. They were brill. Never heard of them before then but would highly recommend them.
Happyout123 Posts: 299
Thanks thats brilliant feedback, think we're going to go up to dublin for a weekend in Feb and try and see 3 of the bands we're interested in. The Poorboys The Soundmen Smokin Mojo So great to know it will be worth the trip..
MrsJN2B Posts: 64
We're having them for our wedding in June. We went to see them play a gig in Temple Bar and they were amazing - only heard them play one or two songs and our mind was set. The contact guy (cant remember his name at the moment) is also really lovely to deal with. Can't wait for them to play at ours - think its going to be the highlight of the evening!
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
We've also go them booked for mid March - can't wait - they're fantastic. Really decent guys & really pleasant to deal with. They are also learning our first dance song for us, which I'm thrilled about. Really accomodating & the whole experience of them so far has been utterly positive - can't wait to have them play at our wedding. O-O
Happyout123 Posts: 299
Thanks a million, this is great feedback to get. They're playing Malahide on the 31st so hoping to get up to see them & stay a few days in Dub and hopefully the other two bands will be playing. Really want to see them and Smokin MoJo..neither of them have anything really on you tube so very hard to book without seeing them.
smurflymurphy Posts: 7
Hiya, Was at a wedding and Christmas and they were playing. Had the dance floor full for the night. They play such a range of music and were happy to play songs as guests requested. Room was rocking, think of the guys stayed on to the wee hours of the morning DJ'ing. All the best!
eittywoo Posts: 1
Hiya, I'm 95% booking them but as I live in London it's impossible to get over when they're playing! Their you tube stuff is great, I'm just a bit worried that they're too "rock" as my family would be more used to country wedding waltzes and jives as my mother calls them! If anyone does have them or sees them, can you please let me know if you think they can tick the waltz box as well to keep everyone happy, not just the younger ones! Don't want peoples ears blown off!! :o0