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Susie_Sue Posts: 56
Hi girlies, Has anyone booked these for their wedding or been at a wedding where they played??? Looking for some feedback, would really appreciate it. Considering booking the package of Ceremony Duo, Jazz Trio, 5-piece band & DJ, they also to Samba Drum Workshop for the guests while the band is setting up which sounds really cool
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
Hey there. A friend actually recommended this band to me the other day. The played at a wedding he was at recently and said they were brill. Would you mind me asking what price they are charging? :wv
elle79 Posts: 212
Hi I am on the verge of booking this band - my sister was at a wedding where they played and another friend had them and they both gave me great feedback. My sis said that everyone was on the dancefloor all night!!! I've been in touch with Katie and they are very competitive, depending on what you want of course. I'm looking at samba session, band and dj and it's under 2grand! I can't wait :-)
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
Hi We went to see them play lately - they were great, and very nice to deal with - highly recommended :wv
flash123 Posts: 30
Having them at our wedding in 3 weeks - went to see them at another wedding a few weeks ago and have to say they sound brill even better than their DVD (which we were sold on). Katie is a pleasure to deal with and from what I saw at that wedding she is full of energy & knows how to work the crowd. They are doing the reception and DJ for us - unfortunately they were not free for the church. We are looking forward to they playing