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minibride Posts: 74
Girls - having had lots of discussion with my girlfriends regarding same and no-one seems to be able to come to conclusion about which one is best during pregnancy? Am slowly turning a whiter shade of pale and would love to start using fake tan again? Does anyone know the safest one to use - or are you meant to use them at all. I usually just slap on some Johnsons (as dont have patience for st. tropez or fake bake).
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Minibride can I just say I never even thought of that :eek Iv been slapping on the tan every weekend - not cos we are going out on the piss or anything, just cos I feel I look healthier with a bit of a glow IYKWIM.
bree Posts: 1880
lancome leg gel ( but put on everywhere ) is defo the easiest to out on & fade/take off..... looks natural too
SJo Posts: 85
[color=indigo:3g9m3n8g]Mini Bride, Lavera do a 100% natural fake tan. Nelsons and other similar shops sell it. it comes out nice and smells good. I am slowly phasing in all natural cosmetics - i just think these synthetic ones are so bad. For example methylisothiazolinone (MIT) which kills bacteria in cosmetics (e.g. it's in Dove shampoo and lots of other stuff) has been recently reported as being a potential risk to unborn babies, aluminium in deodorants has been linked to cancer and altzheimers etc. I always use Ecover washing powder, dishwasher stuff etc. Just think it is the way forward.[/color:3g9m3n8g]
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
The Rotunda Maternity Magazine actually has a piece in it about this. They say that many Fake Tanned Mothers have given birth to babies which appear to have no related problems. However nothing has been proven regarding safety and they still haven't established if the chemicals leak into the babies blood from your own. Their advise was that whilst its up to the individual mother to decide whether to risk it or not the medical thinking was go pale, its the new fashion trend anyway!